User Interview Management

Add, schedule and manage your user interviews to capture insights and close feedback loops.

Prepare User Interview Questions

When asking a customer to spend their time to do a user interview, the product manager has to ensure they are prepared and thought over what they hope to get from the user. With ProductHQ you can layout the questions you plan to ask and get organized to ensure you are ready for the user interview when it is time.

Schedule User Interviews

Schedule and track user interviews and get reminded each time you login to your ProductHQ account about upcoming user interviews or interviews completed but not closed with the feedback loop. Don't have one scheduled? ProductHQ will prompt you on your dashboard as a recommendation to reach out and get one scheduled.

Track User Interview Feedback

Setup your user interview in advance to select the specific questions you plan to ask and have your worksheet ready to go so as you are asking questions, you have a place to track your notes and feedback from your customer. Customers want to know you were listening and using ProductHQ to track the answers creates a trail for the feedback loop to follow.

Generate Feedback and Features

After you complete your user interview, the product manager can review the results of each question and based on the user feedback you can quickly generate feedback cards which can be considered for product ideas and brainstorming sessions in the future. Track the interview all the way until you close feedback loops for the customer ideas with ProductHQ.

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