A popular trend in product management is to focus on the voice of the customer through user interviews to validate the product planning and pain points that the product is out to solve. To get to the voice of the customer, product managers need to conduct user interviews to create feedback loops that will help identify the true needs of the potential user and validate the product plans using feedback management. To be a successful user interview, product managers need to ensure they are prepared to ask the right questions and track responses to capture the feedback. Product HQ gives product managers an easy way to schedule, setup and track user interviews to create and complete the feedback loop with your customer during a user interview.

Feedback Loops

Customer input into what you are building for your product can make or break your business chances. Create a new feedback loop by connecting with customers with user interviews and track their feedback to get a better understanding of pain points.

Closing The Loop

Customers want to know when they give you feedback about your product, you hear them. Product HQ gives you an easy to track user feedback provided during a user interview and generate new features from the feedback provided to streamline the workflow.

Be Prepared

Plan out the questions you want to ask during your user interview and setup the interview form in advance so you are prepared to ask the questions that will lead you to the feedback. Track your upcoming scheduled user interviews with the customer and questions ready.

Different Approaches

Different customers want to be engaged using different venues. You can get some customers to give you feedback using a feedback widget, some will offer feedback looking at your roadmap and others want to talk on the phone or in person.

Get Ready For Your User Interview

Customers who agree to do a user interview are willing to give up their time from working on their business or personal life to help you with your product. As a return of the favor, you need to ensure you are respecting their time and preparing for the user interview.

To do this within Product HQ you can setup the questions you want to ask in advance, setup the user form and track the interview so when it comes time you are ready to ask the right questions and track the voice of the customer within the user interview form. Keep in mind, any interaction with a customer can impact your brand and result in negative reviews or even churn of a customer if it does not go well. Spend time being prepared for your user interview to make the best impression and get the information you need.

Capture The Voice Of The Customer

Within your user interview form, Product HQ lets you track the questions you plan to ask and the feedback that you are provided from the customer in a single location. This gives you the ability to historically look back at an interview and generate new features based on the results and feedback you are offered during the interview. Customers want to know you listened during the interview and that their time was well spent helping you so Product HQ gives you the tools you need to track your notes on each questions and let the customer know you are there to solve their pain points.


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