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Have you ever considered finding a better feedback management tool than Product managers are always looking to improve. While shines in gathering feedback and creating product roadmaps, other tools might better suit your needs because of their pricing, customization, or unique features.

This article lists the top 10 alternatives. Each option stands out for reasons like user interface design or pricing, and they work for different sizes of businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse alternatives offer unique features tailored to different product management needs.
  • Cost-effective solutions are available for startups and larger enterprises alike.
  • Some alternatives provide superior customization options for user feedback management.
  • Product roadmap software alternatives offer intuitive and visually appealing interfaces.
  • Feedback management tools in the list facilitate the effective collection and organization of user feedback.
  • The alternatives cover a wide spectrum, ensuring there is a fit for various business models and requirements.

Introduction: Why Look for Alternatives

Today, SaaS companies are on the hunt for alternatives. The reason? Canny’s pricing can be too high for many, especially small and medium-sized businesses. The premium plans also include visible branding which can clash with a company’s look and feel.

Users find Canny’s interface complicated. This makes gathering and managing product feedback tough. On top of that, the limited customization options don’t meet the unique needs of every company.

So, it’s clear why companies are searching for a different solution. They want a customer and product feedback system that’s easy to use, doesn’t break the bank, and allows customization. Choosing the right alternatives can help a business align with its goals and keep users happy.

Blog bannerKey Criteria for Choosing a Feedback Management Tool

Several key elements matter when looking for a feedback management tool. These ensure I pick the right tool for my company’s aims.


Pricing is crucial. Companies have different budgets, so it’s important to find a tool that’s affordable. It should offer good value and grow with my business.

Create a Product Roadmap

Creating a product roadmap is vital. I need a tool that helps plan and track our goals. It should give us clear steps and easy progress tracking.

Feedback Collection & Management

It is important to gather and manage feedback efficiently. The tool must store feedback in one spot for easy access. It should also help us use customer insights to improve. That way, we can make smart choices for better user satisfaction.

Best Alternatives for your Business Best Alternatives

best is the best alternative to, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to turn feedback into amazing products. Here’s why is the best choice for product management:

Upvotes for Product Management‘s upvote feature allows users to create ideas, vote, and comment on the most important concepts. This feature enables product managers to capture feedback quickly and prioritize features easily.

Using the upvote feature, product teams can uncover and prioritize their customers’ biggest pain points and best ideas, ensuring that user needs drive the product development process.

Best UI/UX Roadmaps

With, product managers can create and manage data-driven roadmaps that keep their teams on track and their customers excited about upcoming products and features. The minimalist UI and great UX design ensure that managing the roadmap is efficient and effective.

The seamless integration into the product development process saves product managers time, allowing them to focus on building valuable products that drive revenue, growth, and customer retention.

What’s New Feature

The “What’s New” feature in allows admins to write blog-like articles to inform users about new products, features, bug fixes, announcements, and improvements. This feature keeps users in the loop, announcing features and updates proudly to the world.

It enhances transparency and communication between the product team and users, ensuring that customers are engaged and informed about the latest developments. offers the best UX/UI, minimalist design, and seamless integration into the product development process. It empowers product managers to manage all ideas and feedback in one place, saving time and improving clarity on what needs to be built and why.

With a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, is the ideal solution for product teams looking to integrate customer feedback directly into their product development process and makes it the best alternatives. A Comprehensive Alternatives

canny is a complete product management tool and is one of the best alternatives. It helps manage products from start to finish. The platform is perfect for a smooth and efficient workflow.

It uses AI to make products people love. By looking at user feedback, spots trends and issues quickly. This helps product managers make smart choices fast. has an excellent system for managing feedback. It updates in real time and fits right into current processes. Teams can see what needs focus, making sure important feedback isn’t missed.

In the end, helps teams create amazing products quickly. It takes insights and turns them into results. is great for any team looking to improve their products and please their customers.

Productboard: Data-Driven Prioritization

canny alternativeProductboard is a top tool for managing products based on data. It uses customer feedback well, making sure development matches real needs.

Customer Feedback Integration

Productboard shines in adding customer feedback into planning and makes one of the top alternatives. By gathering and studying feedback, teams know which features are key. This allows for smart decisions based on solid data.

Visually Appealing Roadmaps

Productboard does more than gather feedback. It turns detailed strategies into beautiful roadmaps. These roadmaps show key features, meet market needs, and achieve company goals.

This approach makes for a clear plan that guides product focus and roadmap development. Every action is supported by data insights.

Aha: Robust Roadmapping & Idea Management alternativesAha is a top choice for roadmapping and managing ideas and alternatives, thanks to its robust features. It meets all the needs of product development. It shines with its variety of functions, like analyzing scenarios and figuring out financial impacts. It also helps teams work together openly and efficiently.

Scenario Analysis

Aha makes analyzing different scenarios easy. This platform helps teams see various strategies and what their results might be. It’s great for looking at risks and benefits. Aha’s tools are key for creating strong product strategies.

Financial Implications of Strategies

Knowing the financial side of product strategies is key for any business. Aha makes this easy by mixing in assessments of financial risks and returns. This way, teams can make choices that fit their financial plans and what they can do.

Transparent Collaboration

Good communication and working together are important for launching a product successfully. Aha promotes open collaboration by giving teams tools to share thoughts and news instantly. Using these tools, teams can work in sync, make their process smoother, and get their products out on time.

Roadmunk: Powerful Customization Options

top alternativeRoadmunk gives you amazing flexibility to create custom product roadmaps. You can shape them perfectly for what your audience needs. With this tool, managing feedback is a breeze. It lets you easily add customer insights into your product strategy.

The different views you get with Roadmunk are great for SaaS teams looking at different markets. They make sure every strategy’s unique points are clearly seen.

Pendo: Product Experience & Digital Adoption

alternative of cannyPendo stands out as a top platform for improving product experiences. It helps teams boost digital adoption and user engagement. Using detailed user analytics, Pendo shines a light on customer actions and likes.

In-Depth User Analytics

Pendo brings detailed user analytics to my fingertips. I can keep an eye on how users interact with my products. This knowledge lets me make choices rooted in real user feedback. Pendo can also be a valuable tool alongside alternatives for gathering user feedback. By combining Pendo’s analytics with a dedicated feedback management tool, you get a well-rounded picture of user needs and frustrations.

In-App Guidance & Surveys

Pendo’s strong in-app guidance tools let me guide users right where they need it. This smooths out the onboarding journey. It also makes it easy to collect user opinions through surveys, helping me know what customers truly think as it happens.

Frill: Simple and Affordable Feedback Management

alternatives of cannyFrill is known for being simple yet effective for feedback management. It provides an affordable feedback solution for businesses, especially those looking for alternatives. These companies want to improve how they collect feedback but don’t want to spend too much.

Frill’s key advantage is its ability to quickly share customer updates. It does this through a user-friendly and efficient platform.

Customer-Friendly Interface

When you first use Frill, you’ll find its customer-friendly interface easy to get around. It doesn’t need much training to start using. This design lets you spend more time on tracking feedback and less on paperwork.

Automated Customer Updates

Frill offers automated customer updates which is a standout feature. It keeps customers informed about their feedback and ideas. This boosts transparency and trust. Plus, it automates one aspect of feedback management, making the process smoother.

Upvoty: Streamlined Feedback Collection

canny alternativesUpvoty stands out as an excellent tool for product feedback, making it a strong choice among alternatives. It makes collecting and managing feedback from users efficient. Its design makes it easy for people to share their ideas and suggestions, fostering a positive user experience.

This tool takes customer feedback and turns it into a plan for product growth. Upvoty is really good at keeping track of feature requests. It helps product teams know what users want most. By using Upvoty, I make sure feedback helps develop our products better.

Trello: Versatile Project Management Tool alternativesTrello is known for its flexibility in managing any project size. It supports working together in real-time, creating custom paths, and meeting deadlines effectively. This ensures every step from getting feedback to finishing tasks is smooth and everyone is on the same page. However, Trello’s core functionality is in project management, and gathering feedback can be cumbersome. If you’re looking for more specialized feedback management tools, consider alternatives like, UserVoice, Upvoty, or even Pendo with its in-app survey features.

Real-Time Collaboration

Trello shines when it comes to working together without delay. No matter where team members are, they can easily collaborate. The platform’s easy-to-use interface shows updates right away. This helps keep everyone informed and projects moving forward on time.

Custom Workflows

Creating custom workflows is a key feature of Trello. This lets teams manage their projects in a way that best suits their needs. By customizing boards, lists, and cards, teams can set up their own processes. This meets the specific demands of their projects.

Effective Deadline Management

Staying on track with deadlines is vital for any project’s success. Trello has powerful tools to help with this. With features like calendar views, reminders for due dates, and priority labels, it makes sure tasks are done when needed. This minimizes the chance of any delays.

UserVoice: Advanced Feedback & Community Management

UserVoice is a top feedback management software, making it a popular choice among alternatives. It’s great at capturing and using customer insights. For companies that want to better their community engagement, UserVoice provides strong tools. These tools help create real talks between users and developers. This makes sure product changes really meet user needs.

UserVoice excels in gathering product insight. It collects feedback well and organizes it. This lets companies know which features their users really want. This improves products and helps in making big decisions.

UserVoice really values community engagement. Users feel listened to and important. This creates loyal customers. The feedback is used to make products better in ways users want.

Companies using UserVoice can handle feedback management software challenges better. The focus on user feedback for customer-driven development leads to a more adaptable development process. This makes UserVoice crucial for any product management team.

More Alternatives for Collecting Feedback

Collecting and Centralizing Feedback with Savio

canny alternativeSavio offers an amazing platform for gathering and centralizing feedback. It keeps all customer feedback in one easy-to-find place. This tool is crucial for keeping feedback organized.

Feedback Integration

Savio is great at integrating feedback from many channels. This makes your feedback process more efficient and simpler. It helps you get insights from different customer interactions easily.

Organize Requests by Customer Attributes

Savio uses customer segmentation to organize feedback based on certain attributes. This makes it easier to understand and meet the needs of various customer groups. It leads to product improvements that are more in line with what different customers want.

Close the Feedback Loop

Savio is excellent at closing the feedback loop, ensuring no customer question is ignored. It uses personalized follow-ups to strengthen relationships. This shows a dedication to improving products based on customer feedback.

Analyzing Feedback Data with Mopinion

canny alternativesUnderstanding our customers is key for better products. Mopinion helps me analyze feedback easily. This way, I get clear insights into what customers think.

Open-Ended Questions & Polls

Mopinion shines when using open-ended questions and polls. These tools let me get detailed customer opinions. This approach helps me understand exactly what customers want.

Customer Targeting Insights

Mopinion is amazing for getting precise insights about customers. It lets me segment audiences with accuracy. This ensures our product decisions match what our customers really need.

Implementation Challenges & Tips to Overcome

When we talk about putting feedback tools to work, it’s not always smooth sailing. A big hurdle is getting everyone on board with the new system. Sometimes, team members are wary of changes. This is because learning new things can be tough.

Fitting new feedback tools into what teams already do can be tricky. It’s really important to pick tools that don’t mess up how things are done. This makes the whole process much smoother.

To get people to use new tools, show them how it’s worth it. Regular training and workshops make the tools less scary. This can encourage team members to give them a try.

Clear and ongoing talks can solve a lot of problems during tool setup. It’s vital to keep everyone updated on what’s happening. This way, everyone feels part of the journey. Doing this can make the introduction of new tools much easier for everyone. Alternatives: Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right alternatives is key for your business. Whether you’re starting up or are well-established, the choice impacts success. It’s about looking at features, costs, and how easy it is to use. The main goal is to handle feedback well for a winning product plan.

Think about if a potential SaaS tool fits with your product plans. Do they meet your team’s needs and goals? Can they grow with your company? Answering these questions helps pick the best tool for you.

There are many SaaS tools out there, making choice hard but doable. Look for tools that specialize in feedback management, unlike canny alternatives that may have feedback as one feature among many. These specialized tools make feedback easy to gather and understand. This is key for a strong product future. By valuing feedback, you make choices that your customers will like.

The best tool isn’t just about cool features. It’s also about fitting into how you work and boosting your team. Keep these ideas in mind to pick a tool that lifts your product higher.


Looking beyond, we find many alternatives, each offering a unique set of features. Product managers considering these options, like ProductHQ, Productboard, and Frill, need to weigh various aspects.

These include how easy the canny alternative is to use, its cost, and how it gathers feedback. Choosing the right tool is vital for a smooth workflow and reaching your goals.

Businesses that understand the unique qualities of each alternatives can make wise choices. These decisions help in managing products better, leading to innovation and pleasing customers. Keeping up with the evolving world of product management tools is essential for staying ahead.

FAQ: Best Canny Alternatives

What is known for in product management? is known for its feedback management and roadmap features. They help manage products well. However, there are various alternatives available that cater to different needs.

Why do businesses look for alternatives?

Many businesses look for cheaper or more customizable solutions than Some find its interface complex and options limited. Canny alternatives may offer a better fit for specific needs.

What should I consider when selecting a feedback management tool?

Price is key, especially for growing businesses. Also, the tool should help create a roadmap that fits with your goals. It must collect and manage feedback efficiently. Consider these factors alongside the unique strengths of various alternatives.

What makes stand out as alternatives? has an easy vote system for feature requests and a superior UI/UX for roadmap visualization. It keeps users updated with its “What’s New” feature. This makes it a strong contender among alternatives.

How does enhance product management? uses AI for customer insights, finding issues and opportunities. It has tools for the entire product lifecycle. This supports an agile, data-driven product development.

Why is Productboard considered good Canny alternatives for feedback management?

Productboard is great at using customer feedback in product management. It uses data to prioritize features and makes strategies easy to understand on visual roadmaps.

What are the benefits of using Aha for product roadmapping?

Aha provides strong roadmapping and idea management tools. It shows different scenarios and their effects clearly. Also, it encourages working together for faster launches and updates.

How does Roadmunk cater to SaaS teams?

Roadmunk offers deep customization for roadmaps, fitting specific customer needs. It’s crucial for SaaS teams targeting diverse markets.

What features does Pendo offer to enhance product experience?

Pendo helps with detailed analytics and guidance within the app. It aims to improve product use and encourages feedback through surveys.

What makes Frill a practical feedback management solution?

Frill is a simple, cost-effective alternative with a user-friendly interface. Its features like automatic updates make it ideal for startups and budget-aware companies looking for an affordable way to gather and manage customer feedback.

How does Upvoty streamline feedback collection?

Upvoty makes collecting feedback easy with its intuitive interface, streamlining the process for both you and your users. Upvoty goes beyond just collecting feedback, transforming it into a clear roadmap that prioritizes what matters most to your users. This makes it a valuable tool among alternatives.

What advantages does Trello offer for project management?

Trello is famous for its flexible project management. It allows team collaboration in real time, creation of custom workflows, and on-time project delivery. However, Trello’s core functionality lies in project management, and gathering feedback can be cumbersome. If you’re looking for more specialized feedback management solutions, consider alternatives like ProductHQ, Upvoty, or even Pendo with its in-app survey features.

How does UserVoice foster community engagement?

UserVoice uses advanced tools for feedback and engaging communities. It helps get deep insights from your users and drives customer-led feature development, fostering a strong sense of connection between your brand and its users. This focus on community makes UserVoice a popular choice among alternatives.

What unique features does Savio offer for feedback management?

Savio stands out with great integration capabilities and its ability to segment feedback by customer traits. This allows for a more nuanced understanding of your user base. Savio excels at keeping the feedback loop close with personalized messages, ensuring your customers feel heard and valued. This focus on personalization makes Savio a strong contender among alternatives.

Why is Mopinion effective for feedback analysis?

Mopinion makes analyzing feedback easy with open questions and polls. It aims to deeply understand customer needs for better product decisions.

What challenges might arise when implementing new alternatives or other feedback tools?

Challenges include getting everyone to use the tool and fitting it into workflows. Pick tools that match your current processes and encourage your team to engage.

How can I make the right choice among alternatives?

To choose right, compare features, prices, and user experiences. Make sure they meet your business and customer needs.
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