Strategic Objectives and Key Results

Drive your product roadmap with objectives and key results

Create consensus for your product roadmap

As a business, define what your quarterly objectives are for the next 12 months or further. What is it you want to accomplish and how does the product help advance those objectives? What are the key results you expect from the objective? Define what your business needs are and track target dates for completion of each objective to provide clear visibility and consensus on your team about what the product roadmap priorities are.

Define Value for objectives and key results

Product teams may have many priorities to accomplish in their product roadmap but this does not mean all are created equal. As you establish your objectives and key results, define a value score for each objective. When you create features, associate your feature with the objective and this will automatically setup a weighting system for your product backlog to ensure the most valuable features bubble up to the top.

Track Your OKR's and Open Features

For each objective, define expected completion dates, key results which define the success of the objective and see the open features you have associated with the objective. This will provide your team clear visibility into the open features you are working on to complete the objective within the expected completion date and help with your product roadmap prioritization process.

Connect Product Backlog to Results

Within each product feature you track within your product backlog you can quickly associate the feature with one or many objectives you are trying to accomplish. As you create the relationship between your feature and the objectives it will help to accomplish, the feature will automatically get assigned a value score based on the weights for each objective and key result it will help accomplish to make prioritizing and grooming your feature backlog easier.

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