Release management software provides product managers to drive the scope of a specific release from start to finish. A product manager needs to be able to manage the long term vision of the product roadmap as well as the short term operational needs of completing the releases which deliver the specific features. Product HQ makes it simple to organize and prioritize your features, promote features to be included into the scope of a release and then manage the release itself to track ownership of the deliverables, milestones, status and communications needed to successfully manage and implement a release.

Feature Prioritization

One of the most important parts of a release management is making sure you nail the scope correctly. Product HQ gives you the tools to prioritize your features to ensure you promote the most important to your release.

Visual Roadmap

Using our product roadmap you can see the releases you have planned out for the future so that your teams are always aware of the milestones, scope and deliverables they need to work to complete.

Release Visibility

Within a release, you can see all of the features that you have promoted into the given the release, each feature has their own status to track where it is in the software development lifecycle and who the owner of the release is.

Team Communications

Each release has the ability for team members to add questions or updates regarding their deliverables or the release that you can review and respond to ensure that all are on the same page for the release.

Streamlined Workflow

Too often product managers are using a set of tools to track team and user requests for the product. A different set of tools or documents to track competitor information. Applying a best guess or a different tool to define prioritization of which of the features would make the best impact for their product. Product HQ gives product managers one place to see all active feature requests in one place, apply a consistent scoring system to bubble up and identify the best enhancements and promote those into a group of work for a release scope all from one platform.

The streamlined workflow simplifies the product management workflow and creates a tool for product managers to truly manage their products.

Visual Product Roadmap

Product managers need to plan out the long term vision and the short term release roadmap to ensure features are constantly being delivered and that they align with their overall product strategy. Product HQ gives product managers tools to create a visual product roadmap to see the planned releases and within each release quickly see the scope defined, the key milestones for each release and allow the team to communicate about the progress of the release and features.

The visual Product Roadmap gives product managers a simple visual that can be shared with team members and customers so they can see your plan for the upcoming release schedule and streamline the communication and buy in on where you are taking the product.


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