One of the main deliverables and responsibilities of a product manager is the product roadmap. More importantly, once the roadmap is created, the vision of where you are heading and the features being planned needs to be communicated across teams and users to ensure there is buy in and acceptance of the strategy. Product HQ makes this process easy by providing all product managers public roadmap software that they can share with team and users so they can check on the product roadmap in real time.


Give team and users clear access to your product public roadmap online which they can see from any browser. Customize the product roadmap to make it feel part of your marketing site.

Real Time Updates

As you make updates to the scope of a release or the timeframe, customers and team members can see the changes in real time on your public roadmap using the Product HQ public roadmap software.

Feedback Loop

Allow users to see your product roadmap and submit new ideas from your public roadmap in case they do not see a feature which is important to them.

Release Notes

As soon as a release is live, customers and team members can track the features included within the release notes tab to start taking advantage of the updates.

Public Roadmap Software

product hq offers free product management software for its users

Each account with Product HQ comes with a custom URL which will show the product roadmap software for your team and users to see. Each release can be clicked on from the public roadmap so that they can see the features included within each release. Product managers have control over which features and releases are public versus private and can indicate within a feature or release if they want it included on their public roadmap.

With your public roadmap, you now can offer real time transparency with your stakeholders on your overall product roadmap release and vision but the specific features you plan to include within each iteration.

Release Notes

One of the challenges of product teams is communicating new features to their customers and team members and nothing makes this process easier than real time sharing of product releases using your public roadmap. With your public roadmap, as soon as a release is completed, your team and users can see the features included in the release all from your public URL. They can check in on the history of your releases in the past to see that you have an active product team and the change history for your product.

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