Public Product Portal

Show your product plans to your team and customers and include them in the journey.

Customer Feature Voting

Each ProductHQ account comes with a public product portal which you can choose to make private or public. If Public, you can share with your customers and team members so they can see your product backlog and vote on features that they feel are important to them. When a vote is made, it is tracked at the feature level so the product manager can see which features are popular and how many votes they received.

Planned Product Roadmap

Customers want to know where your product is heading and that your team is actively working on the future of the product. Show your customers the planned product roadmap by making releases public on your product roadmap and they will show on your product portal for customers to track releases and features coming.

Manage Release Notes

Close the feedback loop with your customers by giving the visibility into what features you have released for your product. You can control if you want a feature to be private or public to determine if it will show on your release notes for your customers. By giving your customers your release notes you are closing the feedback loop so they can see what you worked on and know your team is hard at work.

Customer Feedback Loops

Customers can submit feedback to you in a number of ways including a feedback widget or a submit feedback form when you use ProductHQ. Allow users to login to your public product portal and they can see all of the feedback they have submitted in the past and the current status of their ideas to close feedback loops and let your customer know their feedback did not go into a blackhole but is instead being tracked in your product backlog.

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