Product Roadmapping

Rally your entire team around one, collaborative product roadmap.

Visual Roadmap

Maintain the long term vision of where you are and where you want to be by stacking your releases out with specific features assigned to each. Create a Gantt chart that maps out the entire project timeline, including information such as individuals involved, specific releases, and milestones.

Segmented Releases

Maintain complete visibility and organization with clearly-segmented releases. Assign specific features to each release and grant specific permissions and tasks to individuals, keeping communication and expectations clear and straightforward.

Jira Integration

Product management needs to define the most impactful scope of work for a product to grow the product and business. ProductHQ provides the best in class solution to do this. From there, use ProductHQ to send the release and the features included in the release to Jira to manage your day to day workflow so that ProductHQ can fit into what you are already doing today, only making it better.

Release Management

Once a release starts, use ProductHQ to communicate the features included in the release and the status of each feature during the development process to ensure you and your team is communicating on where you are at all times.

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