Product Roadmap Board

Quickly see all upcoming releases, features and update on the fly with the Product Roadmap Board.

Product Roadmap Management

Product managers need to balance their focus on keeping a long term vision of their product roadmap while also very focused on the short term execution of the product features in the upcoming releases. ProductHQ provides a product roadmap board so product teams can see all upcoming releases, features, assignments and timelines to ensure they can execute as well as plan using their product roadmap software.

Release Management Made Easy

For each release on your product roadmap, product managers can define the scope of features expected to be included, the major milestones to complete the project, track team communications and track the status of the features during the execution using the Kanban board. Great planning will only get you as far as great execution allows and with ProductHQ

Make quick roadmap updates

Projects change often from scope, assignments, dates and definition of features as a result product managers need an easy way to manage their product roadmap as their world changes around them. ProductHQ provides product teams an easy product roadmap board so they can on the fly move feature cards from one release to the next, update dates of releases, change assignments, add or end a release on their product roadmap all from the roadmap board.

Managing a product made easy

Product roadmaps are a collection of planned releases that include a well defined scope of features that will add value to your overall business. Within ProductHQ we give product managers the tools to track their product planning, connect customer feedback to their feature backlog and see the path a powerful release filled with mission critical features all within one platform. Get rid of spreadsheets and disconnected workflows and make managing your product easy.

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