Product Roadmap Software

Show your team and customers your product vision with a visual product roadmap.

See Your Product Roadmap

Product managers need to maintain a long term view of their product roadmap and ProductHQ gives teams an easy way to quickly build out their planned releases and features to bring the vision to life. Product managers can quickly update the product roadmap software to change release dates, scope of features included and add additional milestones and notes to manage their product roadmap.

Connect Roadmap to Backlog

ProductHQ provides product managers a product roadmap software tool which also includes a feature backlog management solution. This makes it easy for product teams to build out a product roadmap and quickly promote features from their backlog into planned releases all in one product management tool.

Plan and manage releases

For each release that product managers add to their product roadmap, you can manage the details of the release by using the Kanban board that is built into each release and track each feature card through the various stages of your development lifecycle. Additionally you can track key milestones, team communications and feature scope for your release within your product roadmap.

Share your product roadmap

Each release you add to your product roadmap can be included in your product portal which is public and can be shared with your customers and team members to provide visibility into the product roadmap. Product managers can decide to keep a release private if they do not want to advertise the upcoming features.

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