Release Management

Track the execution of your product roadmap to ensure each release is a success.

Plan Your Product Roadmap Releases

ProductHQ provides product managers a Gantt Chart view of their product roadmap. The product roadmap is setup as a collection of releases that product teams plan to accomplish and for each release you can define the scope of work you hope to accomplish. Create your product roadmap for as far out as you want and managing your releases within your product roadmap has never been easier.

Manage Scope of Releases

For each release you create on your product roadmap you can easily promote features from your product backlog into your release or add new features that you plan to accomplish directly in the release to lay out the scope of work of the release on your product roadmap. Easily add new features into your scope or push features out of scope and assign out features to team members to make execution a breeze.

Track Features During Execution

ProductHQ provides a Kanban board within each release on your product roadmap so you can do release management all from within ProductHQ. Track the status of each feature card in your release and easily drag the feature across the board as the team updates the status of a feature in the development life cycle. Once all of your features make it to complete you can update the overall release status to reflect that is ready to go live.

Manage Team Communications

Product teams have questions during execution stage regarding the release itself, a specific feature within the release or other aspects related to the project. ProductHQ provides a team communication chain within each release so you can easily track team questions and ensure you are getting the answers they need to be successful during the execution of your release.

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