Product Planning

Deeply understand your target demographic and identify real, unsolved pain points.

Strategic Objectives

Clarifying your strategic objectives and expected key results relating to your product roadmap is vital to product management. Use ProductHQ to identify and document your organization’s strategic objectives, quantify their importance, and refer back to each to keep your product backlog focused. Build our releases on your product roadmap to deliver key features aligned with your product vision.

User Personas

Every successful product begins with a target demographic and a deep understanding of the pain point they need help with. Create detailed user personas to visualize your target demographic, their needs, and the pain points your product can specifically solve. Ensure your product roadmap and feature backlog delivers the right features for the customer segment you are going after.

Competition Analysis

Who are they? What problems are they solving well or badly? Map out the competition, their full product feature offerings, and identify the blind spots that your market isn’t effectively covering to evolve your product in the smartest direction. Add features from your backlog to your product roadmap based on your competitor analysis to stay ahead of the pack.

Business Canvas

What is your product's business opportunity? Define and manage your business plan to articulate how your product not only solves customer pain points, it creates a business opportunity. As a product manager, you need to know the business and ensure your product roadmap aligns with improving the key metrics that move your business. Track all of this in one product management software solution.

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