When a product owner, founder or product manager sets out to work on a product, they need to complete a product plan in order to have a clear understanding of what they are trying to accomplish with the product or features for a given product. Is the current goal for the product manager to increase revenue? Expand features to support a new industry? Simply improve the usability or training of the product? Whatever it might be, a product manager needs to have clearly defined objectives that they are trying to accomplish and as they review features for their product, be able to assess and question what objective will this feature help me accomplish. Product HQ gives you a simple way to define and manage your product objectives and connect features to objectives to help score a feature and bubble up those features that will accomplish the most toward your objectives.

Define Your Product Goals

Product managers often get too caught up in the weeds of working on a release that they need to step back and question, what am I trying to accomplish with my product and ensure the features they are working on align with those objectives.

Gut Check Time

When you promote an idea to a feature for your product, can you explain what objective the idea will help accomplish? If not, why are you promoting it? The objectives give you a reality check to ensure you can connect ideas to your product strategy.

Score Features

Not all business and product objectives are the same so you can apply weights to objectives as you define features and connect the feature to an objective. The data driven product features help the most important bubble to the top for you to see.

Research Made Easy

With all of your features connected to an objective, you can quickly research your active features to see all features that accomplish a given objective so that you can review and promote like features into a release.

Layout Your Product and Business Objectives

A large part of a product plan is to define your product and business goals. Once defined, you need to lay them out and from those goals, you should be generating features for your product that advance those goals. Over time and as your product matures, your objectives can and will change from simply finishing your product, to growing your customer base to growing your revenue and beyond. You may have much more targeted goals like decrease churn to a specific percent or increase adoption of a feature by a certain number of users. Whatever is your product and business goal, Product HQ makes it easy for you to lay them out, manage your objectives and weigh them.

As you complete an objective, you can mark it complete and add new ones with different weights to constantly hold up any new feature to the question of what objective does this help me accomplish before moving forward with it. This creates traceability from your product plan, objectives, features and your product roadmap.

Track Features To Objectives

Before working on your product roadmap, within product plan you should know what you are setting out to accomplish with your objectives. As you create features, define the business or product objectives that this will solve. Based on the objectives you define for the feature, the feature will be defined a score which will sum up the weights for each objective applied. This will help you prioritize your features when it comes time to define scope of a release and promote the most beneficial features to your roadmap.

If you are not able to apply an objective to a feature, this will help keep you honest on moving away from gut instincts and shoot from the hip product management but being able to actually connect your business needs with what features you are working on.


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