Coordinating the entire product lifecycle management process is a challenge.

ProductHQ is the light at the beginning, middle, and end of the tunnel.

Product HQ gives you the tools you need to shed light on your product lifecycle management process. Collect feedback, prioritize the right features, make data-driven decisions, and map out your entire roadmap. All in one, collaborative dashboard.

Finally, you can focus on making that winning product idea reality.


Understand the what, who and why of your product.


Use customer feedback to learn what works for your product.


Generate features from planning and feedback to build a great product.


Manage the product roadmap and deliver your vision.

Product Lifecycle Management Solution

Launch and stay in growth mode with ProductHQ

Product management is all about launching products, features and keeping the business in growth mode as long as possible by handling the product lifecycle management. ProductHQ gives product managers the tools they need to be a product hero.

Competitive Analysis
Feature Backlog
Release Management
Product Roadmap

ProductHQ is a free product lifecycle management software

Validate Your Product

1. Product Planning

Deeply understand your target demographic and identify real, unsolved pain points.

Listen to your stakeholders

2. Feedback Management

Get customer and team feedback about your product and incorporate their suggestions into your features.

Groom your product backlog

3. Feature Management

Use data and customer feedback to drive and prioritize your product backlog to ensure the most important features make it to a release.

Layout your plan

4. Product Roadmap

Create your product roadmap to layout how you plan to execute your vision by executing on releases filled with impactful features.

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