Product HQ wants to help all product teams build better products. To do this, we believe in product planning which starts with focusing your team on understanding the pain point your product is setting out to solve. From there, you can define competitors, complete user interviews, collaborate with team members on their feedback and using the ICE approach, you can measure research to drive the top features for your product. Research and Product Planning generates features and from there, you can prioritize your features, define requirements and determine which features will make the most impact to your business. Define your releases and the features you plan to include and lay them out across your product roadmap so you can track your execution and share across your team and customer base.

Product HQ is here to solve product management needs for product teams of all sizes and for all types of products!

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Product HQ offers a free 15 day trial for you to get setup and understand how our product platform works.

Yes, Product HQ offers a month to month subscription so you can cancel at any time.

Yes, when you subscribe, your roadmap data rolls seamlessly over to a paid plan. There is no need to recreate anything.

Simply, enter your credit card information into the billing page. If you have questions, please contact

No. Sign up for a trial account without a credit card. Pay by credit card when you’re ready to purchase Product HQ.

Product HQ is all about security. We are here to help you build a better product and protect your information at all times. Check out our security page to learn exactly how we do it.