A steady flow of product features are the lifeblood of making a great product and product managers need product feature management software to ensure they are building the best roadmap possible. To ensure you consistently deliver the best possible features, you need to ensure you have a process in place to ensure each feature you are presented align with your product vision, has been user validated and is worth the effort. Product HQ makes the process of managing your product features simple and gives you a single product feature management location to track the active features, add additional information and requirements about a feature as well as track communications across your team about the feature to ensure everyone is on the same page with what the feature involves.

Get out of spreadsheets

Product managers need to an easy tool to complete product feature management in a single location and quickly add information, attach artifacts and prioritize features. Product HQ gives product managers an easy way to create and manage features.

Organize Features

Quickly setup areas to organize your features by area or bucket to group features for easy research. You can also define a swag timeline such as now, soon or future on when you hope to implement the feature to quickly filter them.

Score Features

Don’t guess on what features you should promote to your product roadmap. Based on a feature’s ability to meet your product or business objectives, popularity from user votes or feedback and ICE score you can quickly see which features you need to work on.

Simple Workflow

Product managers struggle with a disconnected workflow and Product HQ solves this by streamlining the research process to be integrated with your product feature management workflow, give you a location to manage features and promote the top features to a release on your product roadmap.

All Of Your Product Features Ready For Review

Products need great ideas on a steady basis to become an amazing offering to customers. Product managers have their own ideas on what features the product needs, customers can supply a steady flow of feedback on what changes they would like to see in the product to make it better, the industry landscape changes all of the time requiring more and more features to keep up. Product managers need to be organized and manage the flow of features in a single location to ensure they are all tracked and easily able to define what features should be included in future releases.

In addition to simply improving feature tracking, Product HQ gives you the tools you need to score features to ensure you are able to consistently promote the most impactful features to your product roadmap.

More Than Just A List of Features

You can easily track and define all of your features within Product HQ but in addition, you can add additional descriptions, requirements, attachments and track your questions and comments about the feature with your team. Features typically are provided with a high level statement, but in order to properly size the feature and figure out what it will take to implement, you can add requirements and attach key artifacts to each feature to keep the information in a single location.

When you are ready to promote your feature to a release within your product roadmap, you have a feature that is ready to hand over to your development lifecycle to kick off the process and make the feature a reality. Product HQ can fit into any lifecycle including Agile development and Waterfall methodologies.


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