Product Feature Management

Track product features from idea to release and everything in between with ProductHQ.

Add and Manage all of your features

Use ProductHQ to quickly add and track all of the feature ideas that come up about your product. Ditch spreadsheets and documents that are hard to share and maintain. ProductHQ makes it easy for the product manager and the product team to contribute product ideas into the product backlog and funnel them to a release on your product roadmap.

Deep dive into your feature

For each feature within your product backlog you can define the overall feature, description and requirements associated with the project. Features can be assigned to team members to update and complete analysis as well as attach any supporting artifacts. Built out the project scope, the sizing and priority of the feature to make your product roadmap exercise a breeze and so when a release kicks off your features are well defined to be executed upon.

Use data to prioritize your features

Product managers need a way to show the value of a product to their team. Within ProductHQ, product managers can connect product features to their Strategic Objectives, Define an ICE score and post the features on their public product portal for their team and customers to vote on to provide data points to help with feature prioritization.

Track team communications

Get out of emails and random communication chains about a product feature. Track all of your team communications about a given feature within the feature itself to keep the full history of the feature together. When the feature is promoted into a release the communication chain stays in tact to provide more visibility into the overall history of a product feature.

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