Feature Backlog Management

Organize your product feature backlog into rough timelines to ensure you have visibility into what is up next for your product roadmap.

Track all product features

Easily create new product features and track them in your product backlog using ProductHQ. As an idea comes up, team members you give access to can create features directly in the platform for the product manager to review and prioritize. Never lose track of a product idea again and leave your spreadsheets behind with ProductHQ product feature backlog management.

Easily slide and search feature cards

Run your product backlog prioritization meetings using ProductHQ and you can quickly slide your feature cards into the right bucket for prioritization. You can quickly manage your product backlog into Future, Soon or Now prioritization buckets to organize your items into when you want to see the product feature added to your product roadmap. Use filters to search on tags or objectives to quickly mine your product backlog and find features related.

Spot features that are not prioritized

Most product teams have ideas on how to improve their product. This can make the product backlog grow quickly in size and allow for some features to go unnoticed. With ProductHQ you can always see at a glance where your features sit in your product backlog and which are new features that you have not yet reviewed or prioritized to ensure all features in your product backlog end up in the proper lane for product roadmap prioritization.

Promote to your product roadmap

When you are ready to define new releases for your product roadmap, you can quickly scan through the product backlog features that you have placed in the Now timeline and promote them into the releases for your product roadmap to ensure the next in line are promoted. Once you add a feature to a release, it will automatically drop off of your product backlog board since it is now prioritized.

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