Feature Backlog Parking Lot

Track product features in your backlog on your parking lot that you do not expect to work on anytime soon.

Set aside longer term features

Within the ProductHQ Feature Board you can quickly assess and move around your feature cards to determine if the feature is something you plan to work on Now, Soon or Future. Some features however may fall even beyond this scope and may be something you want to track but are not convinced you are ready for the feature any time soon. This is where the Feature backlog parking lot comes in. Park the feature to move it off of your active backlog but still have access to it for when you are ready.

Activate parked features when ready

When a product manager parks a feature from their product backlog it will remove it from the active backlog and place it on the parking lot. Product managers can see their parked features any time and when they are ready to work on the feature, they can remove it from the parking lot and activate the feature to go back to their backlog. This helps product managers groom their backlog to only be the features they need to focus on.

Prepare your parked features

When a feature is parked this will remove it from your active backlog but your team can continue to contribute to the feature to flush out the requirements, add documentation and track your communication internally about the feature. This will give you a chance to build the case to move the product feature back to your backlog and ensure it is ready for a release when you decide to move it from the parking lot.

Filter and research your parking lot

Using Filters within ProductHQ you can quickly research the features you have parked to find items associated with a specific objective or tag that you applied. This will help locate features that you were not quite ready to work on but are ready to move forward with them. You can see the ICE score from the parking lot of your features as well to sort your parked features and determine if any high scoring features need to be moved back to the active backlog.

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