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Beta Program Management

The 10-Step Process to Manage Your Product Beta Program

Building a product takes a ton of work. Tech founders go through a lot of grief from the initial idea popping into their minds all the way to being able to see a beta program becoming reality.

It is exciting to see an idea in your head come to life and the reality is the rubber hits the road when you launch your beta program where you can get actual validation that you nailed the features, the design and problem you set out to solve. When you are ready to launch, you want your team focused on sales, trials and conversion as much as possible. The last thing you want to spend your launch doing is putting out fires of basic bugs, workflow issues or worse yet, getting excited watching trials come in but then seeing no one get setup and never logging back in. When you see this, you know you missed the point of beta.

You should start prepping for beta from day 1 of your business launch. Whenever you get the ball in motion for your startup, get your marketing site launched with minimally an email signup form to capture any potential users willing to help you and collect the emails until you are ready.

To really be prepared for your product launch, here are 10 things you need to do ensure you run a successful beta program for your product.