JIRA Product Management Integration

Manage your product within ProductHQ and your development lifecycle within JIRA with a single click.

Product Management & Task Management

JIRA is a powerful task management solution to help teams understand what they need to be working on and manage your development lifecycle. ProductHQ is a powerful product management solution that lets product managers organize their product backlog, build out a product roadmap and feed JIRA the features when a project is ready to kick off.

JIRA Product Roadmap Integration

Within ProductHQ Product Managers can build out their product roadmap by promoting features from their product backlog to where they want to see them accomplished using the ProductHQ Feature and Roadmap modules. This will keep the backlog out of JIRA until an effort is ready to begin and then seamlessly push the release features into JIRA to kick off and manage the day to day execution from within JIRA.

Flexible JIRA Integration

When you integrate JIRA to your ProductHQ account you can select how you want your items to flow over from ProductHQ into JIRA to ensure your workflow stays the same within JIRA but allows product managers to get organized and clean up their JIRA account by utilizing ProductHQ to manage their product management tasks. You can select the specific Project and type of issues to be created when ProductHQ feeds JIRA your release and feature details.

Plan & Execute

Product management is responsible for defining the scope of a product roadmap and the features for a given release. With ProductHQ all of the product management planning can be accomplished within ProductHQ using the powerful tools to ensure each release build is the most impactful for the business. Once ready, product managers can one click send all of the features in the release to JIRA for execution on the development lifecycle and have over the execution of the release to the development team.

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