What makes a great product manager is not a great sense of knowing what to build for your product but instead, knowing how to find the best features to build. To locate the best features, product managers should be using a number of data points to validate user feedback and potential features to ensure the feature will make the most impact for your product. ICE Scoring, is one way that our product management software gives product managers to assess a new feature to determine if the effort to implement is justified based on the potential outcome of the update. Using ICE Scoring, product managers can quickly see the top features in the pile to promote to the product roadmap.

Apply Consistent Data Points

You do not need to guess or take a random swag on what you think the value of a feature is for your product. ICE scoring provides product managers a methodology to score a feature and consistently validate a new feature against existing requests.

No Guessing Needed

Without product management software, there is no great way to see all of your potential features and be able to assess the best so product managers take their best guess when laying out their roadmap. ICE scoring gives you a powerful tool to stop guessing.

ICE Charts

Once you have applied your ICE Score to your features, you can use the ICE chart to quickly spot the features that you have scored with the most impact and lowest effort to implement to ensure they are promoted to an upcoming release. In a list of features, a single feature can get lost but with the chart, they standout and give product managers clear visibility into what needs to be implemented.

Let the best rise

Product managers can be inundated in new ideas and feature requests for their products. So many that it can be really hard to see which one is the best and keep track of features that you feel need to be implemented. ICE Scoring let’s the best rise to the top and stand out from the pile. Don’t let your best features get buried in a pile of ideas but instead let it rise to the top and remain visible for your next product planning session.

What Does ICE Scoring Stand For?

ICE Scoring is a simple and quick way to size a new feature request.

ICE = Impact X Confidence X Effort

The scoring formula starts with your idea impact to your product and customers X confidence in your accuracy in the sizing and ability to implement X effort it will take to implement the change for your product. Each of the three categories of your score is completed in a 1 through 10 scale where 10 is the high score. This results in a score for all of your features that can be stacked up and compared across all of your requests.

Keep Track Of The Good Ones

Not all feedback is good feedback and not all features will make the same impact to your product and business. Using the ICE Scoring you are able to quickly see the top features based on the scores and from there promote them into your product roadmap. ICE gives you a product management tool to remove your ego and guess work but apply a consistent methodology to your data driven product features to always compare them apples to apples when it comes time to prioritize which features should make it to your product roadmap.


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