ICE Scoring Model

Quickly determine the value of a product feature in your backlog by using ICE Scoring to weigh the potential.

Take a data driven approach

Product Managers need to use more than instincts to drive their product roadmap. ICE Scoring model provides a simple but powerful framework to quickly assess the value of a feature and prioritize it across their feature backlog. ICE Scoring is calculated by giving a 1 through 10 score for Impact, Confidence and Ease which get multiplied out to set your final ICE score for a feature.

Consistent Feature Scoring Model

One of the main challenges a product manager faces is explaining the features selected for the product roadmap. The ICE Scoring model gives product managers a tool to explain the reason why one feature was prioritized over another feature by creating a flat scoring model that all features can be held up to across an organization. This makes prioritizing features in your backlog a breeze.

Visually see what should come next

A picture is worth a thousand words and with a product backlog that could contain hundreds of potential features for a product roadmap, Product managers need an easy way to see what features stand out from the pack. ProductHQ provides easy to read analysis of your ICE scoring across your backlog so you can see quickly which features stand out and should be prioritized for your next product roadmap release.

Use the worksheet to work quickly

Many product managers collaborate across their organization to get buy in on the feature prioritization process and the ICE worksheet that ProductHQ provides makes it easy for a team to review open features in the product backlog and quickly score them in a working session to see how they stack up against the existing features.

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