How To Use Quuu To Syndicate Your Blog Content

Creating content is one thing. Distributing it and getting it noticed, shared, and clicked on is another. If you want a tool to significantly boost your blog shares and increase your click rate while lowering your ROI, Quuu might be the tool you’ve been looking for.

At a high level, there are three things to think about when building and growing a business; customer acquisition, customer engagement, and customer retention. Customer acquisition is expensive and businesses should do all they can to reduce this cost. When trying to reduce this cost, it pays to look at what other businesses have done and conduct rapid, iterative tests to see if those tactics will work for your business.

Recently I came across an interesting blog, The Secret Weapon I Use To Syndicate My Content On Twitter, written by Paul Towers of Task Pigeon. In the blog, he mentioned a company called Quuu, “hand-curated content for social media.” Quuu offers two main services. Firstly, it allows you to integrate either your Buffer or Hubspot account and have Quuu send hand-curated content to your audience. Secondly, it allows you to pay for exposure. This, second service, is the part I was particularly interested in based on the results Task Pigeon achieved.

STEP 1: Sign up to Quuu

When signing up to Quuu, you need to be mindful of the two services they offer, as I mentioned above. If you sign up to Quuu, you’ll be signing up to integrate either your Buffer or Hubspot accounts for content syndication. If you’d like to promote your content to influencers, then you need to choose PROMOTE, in the main menu, here, which will lead you to the content syndication section. Before submitting any post, it would be beneficial to read the content curation rules.

QuuuPromote’s pricing needs a little bit of clarification or careful reading. There are five price points $10, $20, $30, $40, and $50. When I read the information I thought that there are multiple categories and, depending on how much you pay, will depend on the reach you get in the category you choose. For example, if I chose the $10 option for the entrepreneurship category, I would reach 100,000 people in a category of 1,000,000. If I chose the $20 option for the same category, I would reach 200,000. This is not the case.

It actually works based on the size of the categories. So, if you want to target a small category e.g. astrophysics or autism, it will cost $10. But, if you want to target a larger category e.g. entrepreneurship, it will cost you $50. When re-reading the sales copy it does say “Reach XXXXX people across categories such as….” and the “such as” is the important point. This is neither good nor bad, just an observation I made while going through the process.

Once logged in, it’s a matter of creating a post for Twitter and another for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ using your blog URL. Then, selecting the most relevant category that relates to the topic of for the blog you’d like to submit for syndication. Once you’ve logged on, you’re greeted with a gif of Ralph from The Simpsons, which I thought was hilarious, and you’re ready to promote your content. It’s that attention to detail in user experience that sets one company apart from another.

STEP 2: Submitting content

The next step is self-explanatory. You simply copy and paste the url to your blog into Quuu and click the “submit” button. Once you have configured the Twitter and Facebook et al posts, you have the option to choose from a dropdown list of 346 categories. Yes, I counted them all. As a first time customer, this is where the platform gets a bit “leap-of-faithish.” I’m left asking myself the following questions:

  • What’s the difference between the categories “Entrepreneur & Startup stories” or “Entrepreneurship” or “Startups” or “Tech Startups?”
  • In section B12 of the Content Curation Rules, it states “Has the article already been submitted to another category before?” If the answer to this question is “yes” then the blog will be rejected. But, I can think of plenty of legitimate articles that speak to more than two niches at once. Take, for example, the article I wrote: “What I Learned Interviewing 40 Founders Who Raised Capital.” This would have relevance to any of the categories mentioned above. It would also have relevance to the Venture Capital category.
  • Knowing I can only publish one article to one category explains why all 346 categories are in a drop down. But, if it were possible to post one article to multiple categories, I think the layout would need to change to something like a checkbox option, or something more readily readable and accessible. Quuu seems to be leaving money on the table with this rule and design. But, I’m only stating this as a curious onlooker with little knowledge of the inner workings of the business.
  • Lastly, as I’m writing this blog, I’m also waiting for my content manager to provide the copy for the social media posts. As such, I’m wondering why there is no auto save function or “save now” button so I’m confident my work won’t go anywhere and I won’t have to start again.
Once you’ve clicked the Submit for Review button, you’ve asked for your payment details:


The final step in the process is a Thank You window. I submitted the content for review Thursday, April 6th 08:48. My thought immediately after reading this was wondering if the review would take minutes, hours, or days. I received notification 19:36 on the same day. I need to take into account that Quuupromote is a UK based company so would have been closed for most of the Australian business day. With that in mind, I think the turnaround time for a review of the type of article I wrote is pretty good.

STEP 3: The Results

I thought it would be more interesting to share the results after 5 days and then compare them to the results at the end of the 30 days. As of today, the Quuu analytics state that my blog post has been shared 85 times with 21 clicks.

STEP 4: Complete results and analysis

After 30 days of syndication, the results can be seen below. The blog that was syndicated, “How To Hire A Developer” received a total of 6933 page views, 406 shares and 80 clicks. I received no sign ups or new clients for my efforts. I would surmise this would be down to a number of things. Firstly, I was experimenting with the Quuu’s categories and don’t think I selected the correct one. Secondly, I don’t think the marketing and branding were strong enough or succinct enough to entice anyone to sign up. But, with a stronger brand and correctly targeted Quuu category, I can see by the numbers, that using Quuu to syndicate blogs could be an excellent way to get blogs posts in front of the right audience to drive traffic to my site.

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