1. Navigate to Account Settings > Tracking > Whitelist
  2.  Type or paste your website URL into the “Add Website URL” field, excluding the “http://” protocol. In addition, you are not required to include the “www” portion of the URL to whitelist a domain.
  3. The “Include all website pages” checkbox is selected by default. This means that each page on your domain will be whitelisted.

    If you want to whitelist a single page or subdomain instead of all website pages with your URL, type the specific URL of that page into the “Add Website URL” field. Next, uncheck the “Include all website pages” box.
  4. Click the “Add” button. Your domain(s) will appear in the “URL” section below. 
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 2 for each domain and subdomain you wish to use with Site Tracking.
  6. If you want to edit a url, click the pencil icon. If you want to delete a url, click the rubbish bin icon.