A Customer Feedback Widget is an easy to setup embedded feedback loop you can add to your product and comes with all Product HQ accounts. One of the best ways to build a better product is to create as many feedback loops as possible with your customers to always have an open ear into what they are experiencing. To do customer feedback management, you need to create an easy experience so that your user does not need to go out of their way to let you know their thoughts. Not all users will want to get on a call or take the time to send an email. Product HQ gives you an embedded feedback widget that will work within any software package to provide an easy feedback option that a user can quickly send you their pain points, feedback and issues which feed into your ideas section of Product HQ automatically.

Feedback Loop

Product Managers need many tools in place to get users to provide feedback. The embedded customer feedback widget creates a passive feedback loop which automatically connects ideas to your product roadmap.

Easy Setup

To take advantage of the embedded customer feedback widget all you need to do is simply copy and paste a snipped of code from within your Product HQ account and paste it into your source code.

Target Your Feedback

You can place the customer feedback widget on all of your pages or specific pages of your product in case you want feedback in general about your product or get specific feedback about a new feature.

Connect Ideas To Product Roadmap

Whenever a user submits a new idea using the customer feedback widget, it will be created within your Product HQ account for you to quickly assess and close the feedback loop.

Feedback Loop From Within Your App

Once you copy and paste the snippet of code into your product, your feedback widget will be live right away for customer feedback. The widget will show as a simple feedback tab on the right side of your product and once clicked will expand out to give your users a form to submit with their feedback. The form can be customized to blend into your product look and feel as well as the overall messaging of the app to align with your brand.

Setup can be completed within minutes and once in place, you have taken a large step into funneling user feedback and listening to the voice of the customer into your product management workflow.

Quick Setup

The feedback widget comes with all Product HQ accounts to help better infuse customer feedback and your product management abilities. Setup is as simple as copy and pasting the one line of code that is provided within your setup page into your product and you are all done. Additionally, you can update the feedback form to change the messaging to match your brand voice and your goal of the specific feedback widget.

Once live, all of your customer feedback will flow automatically into your Product HQ account as a new idea which you can then promote into a new feature or dismiss if it is outside of the scope of your product.


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