One way to know the popularity of a feature is looking at how common the idea or suggestion comes up from your users and team members and apply customer feedback scoring to judge the importance. If one customer requests a feature it is important to document it and take it seriously. If you have fifty customers asking for the same feature, you may need to escalate the feature and add it to your product roadmap. Product HQ gives you a simple way to add to a feature score any time you merge feedback from multiple users into an existing feature to increase the visibility of the feature to ensure the most popular features find their way to your product roadmap.

Data Driven Product Management

Great product managers do not use their gut instincts to define their product roadmap but instead use as many data points as possible. Product HQ gives you a feature weight system to provide an additional data point for decision making.

Customer Driven Product Roadmap

Listen to your customers! As more customers provide you feedback about a specific change or feature, you can continue to merge the feedback into a single feature and each time it is suggested, using the Product HQ customer feedback scoring, the feature becomes more visible to you.

Feedback Put To Work

Getting customer feedback for product managers is priceless and as it comes in it will help you validate the active features you are tracking and which ones are key to your success. Use the customer feedback scoring to connect their pain points to possible solutions.

Streamlined Workflow

Product HQ is all about connecting user ideas and feedback to your roadmap which is why we give you the tools to capture customer feedback, to promote that feedback into a new or existing feature and ultimately include that feature in a planned release.

Customers Driven Feature Scores

Setup rules within Product HQ on how you want the scoring of a feature to occur based on the popularity. You can setup rules so that if a single feedback request comes in for a feature and you promote the feedback into a feature it gets a base score. As you continue to get requests from your users about the feature and merge additional feedback into the same feature the score increases. You can setup different rules and ranges so based on the popularity the score can be added to on a consistent or escalated model to ensure you are able to see the popular features at any time.

Multiple Points Of Validation

Product managers need all of the help they can get when deciding what feature will make the most impact for the business and product. Product HQ offers a variety of feedback management solutions and data driven product feature tools including a customer voting forum, feedback collection widgets within the product, a public roadmap to validate your plans. With all of this feedback coming in from customers, product managers need a consistent way to review the feedback and promote it to features and if the feature already exists, add the feedback to an existing feature. The feedback promotion rules help make sure all of the feedback you are collecting is put to good use making the product roadmap process easier.


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