Feedback Management

Give your users a voice and involve them in developing your product.

Idea Documentation

Great ideas often come from user feedback. With ProductHQ, make sure your users’ ideas never fall on deaf ears. Quickly and easily document user feedback and transform winning ideas into real product features within your product roadmap.

Feedback Forms

Minimize the barriers to collecting customer feedback with ProductHQ. Create embeddable feedback forms to quickly collect user opinions, make them feel valued in the process, and prioritize the right features for your product’s development.

Public Roadmaps

Creating transparency relating to your product’s development can win them over. Use ProductHQ to launch both private and public roadmaps for users, stakeholders and any related parties, showing your project’s progress in a visual manner.

Feature Voting

Involving your users in the development of your product isn’t just sensible in terms of feature prioritization, it’s a powerful way to build trust and create brand advocates. Use ProductHQ to allow users to vote and help quantify the most important features, keeping your team focused on solving real problems.

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