Feedback Management Software

Consolidate all team and customer feedback into one location to review, respond and promote to features.

Customer Feedback Centralized

Customer feedback about your product can come in a variety of ways and product managers find themselves using spreadsheets, emails and documents to track the feedback from customers. This can result in many ideas getting lost and feedback loops that never get closed. ProductHQ offers a single location to capture and manage all of your customer feedback about your product to make it easy to track ideas to improve your product.

Team Feedback Repository

Product teams have different perspectives on what the product needs to become more successful. ProductHQ gives product managers a place to have all team members create feedback and product ideas in a single location. Team members can be organized into departments so product managers can easily filter feedback by departments and respond to team feedback to close internal feedback loops.

Promote Ideas To Features

Product management works best when team members and customers feel their voice is being heard and encourages future contributions to feedback about your product. By consolidating all of your customer feedback into ProductHQ, Product managers can view each feedback idea and respond to suggestion directly in the product management platform to either promote the feedback into a feature or close the feedback loop.

Product Management Workflow

ProductHQ gives product managers a single location to manage the start to end of the product feedback management lifecycle. The product management platform provides tools to capture and manage customer and team feedback which can be promoted to product features in your backlog. When ready, product teams can add releases to their product roadmap and promote the most important features into the releases to see the full lifecycle of a released feature from inception.

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