Feature Prioritization

Focus on the features that’ll move your product forward in the right direction.

Rough Timelines

Map out your backlog into rough timelines of Now, Soon or Future to determine upcoming features for your product. Visualize and communicate the backlog priorities to ensure you are working on the right features at the right time.

ICE Scoring

Prioritizing the right product features can be difficult. ICE scoring helps product managers quantify their product features by measuring their impactfulness, confidence, and ease of implementation with the ICE score. Use ProductHQ to identify and claim quick wins.

Backlog Parking Lot

You want to track all good feature ideas but you know that some may not be worked on for a while. With ProductHQ you can go ahead and park those features to move them from your active list and stash them away for later. When you are ready, you can take them off of the parking lot and launch them in your active backlog.

Feature Deep Dive

Stop using spreadsheets, word documents, Sharepoint, Jira and Trello to manage your feature definitions. Product HQ gives you a one stop shop to define your feature, the requirements, supporting attachments and track your team communications all from one platform.

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