Customer Feedback Widget

Make it easy for your customers to share their feedback about your product.

Customer Feedback In Seconds

With a quick copy and paste of a snippet from ProductHQ into your own product, you can start offering an embedded feedback widget in your product to capture customer feedback where ever you want it. Not a developer? Don't worry! We have provided a step by step guide to getting the widget operational and if you need any help, our support team is ready to assist.

Customize Look and Feel

We want the customer feedback widget to look and feel like part of your product and blend in with your branding so when you setup your feedback widget you can control the color, font and text that shows to your users so as they see the feedback tab in your product it feels like it belongs there for your brand.

Connect Feedback Into Funnel

Once you embed the feedback widget in your product and a customer submits feedback, Product managers can see their suggestions within the feedback management section of the platform. From there the feedback can be reviewed and either promoted into a product feature or you can respond to the customer and close the feedback loop all within ProductHQ.

Voice of the customer for free

We believe that product managers need to hear the voice of the customer to truly build a great product so much so that we offer the feedback widget for free for all accounts as customer feedback should be the backbone that most product features are based on. Setup your product feedback widget in seconds and start hearing what your customers have to say about your product.

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