To be a successful product manager, you need to create a constant feedback loop with your end users so that you are hearing the challenges they face, the voice of the customer, the opportunities they identify and be able to better prioritize your product roadmap with customer feedback management. In order to be effective with customer feedback management, you need to create a number of different avenues for users to let you know their thoughts. Every person works, thinks and communicates differently. Create multiple feedback loop options for your end users using Product HQ to maximize your ability to get customer feedback and have that funnel right into your product management workflow.

Feedback Widgets

Create passive customer feedback loops within your product.

Public Roadmap

Share your product future and past with your customers.

User Interviews

Create and track user interviews to generate new ideas.

Customer Feature Voting

Ask your users to validate and vote for the best ideas for your product.


Embedded Feedback Widget

With a simple copy and paste of a snippet of code into your product, you can easily offer your customers a feedback tab which you can choose to display on all of your product pages or on targeted pages that you are working to get feedback on.

This feedback tab is an easy, passive approach to creating customer feedback loops and displays off to the right to easily be available but not in the way of your product usage.

At any time your customers can click on the feedback widget which will expand out for them to share their idea or feedback about your product. The feedback once they submit using the feedback widget will automatically be created as a new idea within Product HQ for you to review and manage the feedback loop from there.

Setup only takes minutes to get running with this widget. Once implemented feedback can be used to complete a successful beta program, launch a new feature or to always keep an open ear to your user suggestions.

Public Roadmap

Customers want to know what you are building to ensure your product is still active and that you have plans to continue to add the critical features they need to grow within your platform. Every Product HQ account comes with a Public Roadmap that you can share with your customers, team members and all stakeholders so they have visibility into the timelines of releases and what is included within each release.

From the Public Roadmap, customers can also submit new suggestions for your product which would automatically create ideas within your Product HQ account.

Just as important as it is to get customer feedback about your product, it is especially important to close the feedback loop and let your customers know what you have implemented for your product. Using the Public Roadmap, you can quickly share with your customers when a release goes live and the features that were included within the release.

This allows product teams to streamline the communications across the organization and customer base to real time and removes any duplication of information by sharing the information all from the same source.

User Interview Management

User Interviews are a critical part of product discovery and a function that product managers should perform on a normal basis to ensure they are hearing the voice of the customer on what their needs are and how the product is doing to meet those needs. Product HQ makes it easy to manage user interviews, document the results and generate new ideas for your product as a result of an interview.

Track the date of your interview, prepare your questions in advance and track the results. You can also quickly add new ideas for your product and validate if you closed the feedback loop from the interview to ensure your customer feels you heard them during the interview.

Product managers often do not have a consistent and repeatable process for managing this key responsibility, but with Product HQ you can always see the history and results of all interviews from within your Product HQ platform.

Customer Feature Voting

Not only can you use Product HQ to create new ideas for your product but you can also use Product HQ to validate the suggestions of other users and your team. Each Product HQ account comes with a Feature voting platform where your end users and team members can view all proposed ideas for your product and cast their vote on what they feel would make the biggest impact for your product. This provides an easy way to see which ideas are the most popular to ensure they get promoted into features for your product.

In order to cast a vote, users need to login to your public roadmap. By doing this you can easily see who is voting for each feature so you can let them know when the idea goes live as a feature. Our goal is to always create traceability for you from user feedback throughout the process so you can let customers know you hear their voice and close the feedback loop.


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