Product HQ gives product managers a customer feature voting platform to put your features to the true test, customer validation. Product feature ideas come in to product managers from a variety of sources and if you have a large product, it can be challenging to compare a new feature against another feature since both may seem very valuable but in completely different ways. This can leave product managers in a tough spot trying to figure out which feature to move forward with on their product roadmap given resource and time constraints. The easiest way to solve the dilemma is to create a feedback loop with your customers and listen to their voice on what they feel you should build. Product HQ gives you an easy to setup customer feature voting board for your customers to see the features you are considering and let them vote on the features they feel would help them the most.

Let Customers Drive

Customers of your product know the pain points they are experiencing with your product and in the industry you support so why not let them vote on the features you are planning to build to ensure you are prioritizing correctly. Customer feature voting ensures you are working on the features your customers need the most.

Visibility Into The Process

Every customer of your product thinks the change they need is the most important change, why not show your customers all of the features that are up for consideration and based on customer feature voting, users can see that the top votes get worked on.

Data Points

The more a product manager can use data points to drive decisions the better and what is better than having actual customers validate your feature options and help you build a product roadmap.

Track users voting

Users who vote are tracked for a feature so when it is ready to go live, you can reach out to those users to assist with beta testing and validations of the change itself.

Customer Driven Product Roadmap

A customer driven product roadmap is one that believes in a direct input from users into the features that are planned out in the future. How better to accomplish this than simply to show your users all of the possible features you can build and let them vote up the changes they believe will make the most impact. Product HQ gives product managers a simple way to share their product features that are in the process of still being prioritized and letting users view them on a public website to vote up the features that benefit them the most. The votes are captured and within the features module of Product HQ the product managers can see the score of the feature increase as a result of the vote.

Customers want to be part of the process and ensure you are building what matters most to them. Give them full visibility into the process and listen to the voice of the customer with customer feature voting.

Feedback Loop Tracking

Product HQ is all about giving product management software to put customers in the driving seat of the product using feedback management at the core. We know that different customers want you to reach out to them in different ways which is why we created many feedback loops so that you can make feedback easy and comfortable for the different ways customers want to provide it. Voting for a feature in itself is a feedback loop letting you know it is important to them and you can see who has voted for a specific item to close the loop once the feature has reached your product roadmap and the release is completed.

As customers vote, you can see your features list and the score for each feature which is a result of customer votes and other scoring factors.


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