User Personas

Great products solve real pain points for customers. Create user personas to connect your product roadmap back to your customer.

Define your target markets

Products need to solve specific pain points for a specific target user audience in order to be successful. As a product manager, the more you understand your customer the better you can build a product around their needs. Use ProductHQ to define all of the possible users of your product and create features that solve the pain points for that specific market segment.

Customer Deep Dive

For each possible customer market segment your product solves pain points for you can take a deep dive to visualize the user for your system. Get a feel for each potential customer, what they look like, what their backgrounds are and make the customer feel real to you as you build the product. Your product features should ensure they are a solution to a specific customer segment pain point.

Define Pain Points

Product managers need to deeply understand the problems their product was built to solve for. For each user persona you create, define the pain points that they experience specifically so features can be prioritized to solve them.

Connect Features To User Personas

Product Managers should be able to show why a feature was prioritized on their product roadmap. By connecting your features to a specific user persona, product managers can show who the feature is for and what pain points they experience that the feature will solve for to explain the importance of the feature and why it should be added to the product roadmap.

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