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The best affordable alternative to

ProductHQ is the best affordable alternative to Canny offering an elegant and simple UI, whitelabel, powerful brand customisation, an super simple setup.

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ProductHQ is more affordable

ProductHQ is 8.25 cheaper than Canny, making it an extremely attractive option for businesses on a tight budget.


More brand customizations

ProductHQ allow you to customise your public board to match your brand perfectly for a seamless user experience.


Easy-to-Use Interface

We love simple, elegant, easy-to-use, and beautiful design. It's at the heart of what makes ProductHQ different.

Canny alternative

Canny has a free plan to hook unweary product teams, then jumps to $99/month for only 3 admins, then $399/month for only 5 admins. YIKES!!!

Product teams really feel the sting every time they need to upgrade. They often look for cheaper alternatives with better options. Why go through all that hassle when you can avoid it all together?


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Why product teams prefer ProductHQ over Canny?

  • Plans start at $99/month, then jump to $399/mo

    Canny jumps from $0 to $99, to $399/month. ProductHQ lets you choose from three affordable plans starting at just $12/month.

  • Limited customization options

    Canny has limited brand customisations. ProductHQ understands customer experience, which is why we give you everything you need to customise things exactly the way you want.

  • Canny says no whitelabel for you!!!

    You can’t remove the ‘Powered by Canny’ branding from your feedback portal. Your site. Your choice, right? ProductHQ gives you that option.

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  • Affordable pricing model

    ProductHQ starts at $12/mo, making it accessible to everyone. Jump in now as prices will go up as we continue to deliver more value to happy customers.

  • Complete customization of the feedback portal

    ProductHQ lets you customise the primary button, sign-up, and sign-in colour, borders, link colour, backgrounds, text colour, icon colour, tags and more.

  • Remove ProductHQ branding from your site

    You can leave it on. We’d appreciate it as it drives traffic and helps us grow. But, it’s your site and you should have the right to choose.

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More ways to collect customer feedback without the crazy prices.

Hassle-free feedback collection

Let customers provide feedback with ease. Uncover and prioritise their biggest pain-points and best ideas using upvotes.


Manage your
data efficiently

Build a data-driven roadmap that keeps your team on track and your customers excited and informed abut upcoming features releases.

Keep your team
in the loop

Want to share your features and updates with the world? Announce them proudly with the What’s New.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Canny is a platform for gathering feedback. It enables you to gather product suggestions from your users and rank them according to their popularity among fellow users using its voting feature.

Why ProductHQ have multiple boards?

We did a lot of competitor analysis and even looked at our competitors’ customers and how they used multiple boards. In short, it was a mess. We think there are better, easier, cleaner ways to achieve the same outcome, so we will be developing a solution in the not-too-distant future.

Is Canny an affordable customer feedback tool for small and mid-sized businesses?

Nope! Canny’s pricing begins at $99 per month, which might be steep for fledgling small and mid-sized businesses.

Can I remove the 'Powered by Canny' branding?

Unfortunately, even after shelling out $99 monthly, Canny doesn’t let users to ditch the ‘Powered by Canny’ branding. This can be super frustrating for customers and poses a challenge in using Canny as a feasible option for many businesses.

How does Canny work?

Canny operates through three straightforward steps: gather feedback from your customers, prioritize it, and leverage it to enhance your product or service.

What kind of data can I collect from my customers?

Using Canny, you can gather various types of feedback, whether it’s feature requests, product bugs, or complaints. You can inquire about users’ current experience with your product.

What's the affordable alternative for Canny?

The best alternative for Canny is ProductHQ, a customer feedback management tool providing similar functionality. ProductHQ’s plans start at $12 monthly. Join today!

Can I use Canny for free?

Canny provides a free plan.  The paid plans start at $99 per month, with enterprise-grade options accessible.

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