Founders of a new product have a lot to do from pin pointing the pain point they want to solve for, defining the opportunity that exists, designing and developing the solution and then launching the product to grow into a business. To do all of the work a product founder needs to do runs a very wide skill set as product founders need to wear the hat of almost every role in an organization from sales, product management, marketing, business analysis, development and support in order to move the product and business forward on all fronts, all of the time.

We have been there and know how challenging that can be so have worked to provide a new product playbook to help product founders have access to tips and best practices for all of the steps they need to take in order to turn an idea into a business.

The product launch playbook for product startups will be focused on covering the three following areas:

Product Concept To Product Beta: This section will help product founders ensure their product idea is really a business opportunity and all of the steps they need to take to go from idea to a successful beta program to ensure your product is ready for launch. Read Now

Product Launch: When you launch your product you want to make sure someone knows about it so planning your launch is something you should be doing from the very start as part of your business planning and we will provide you a great checklist to ensure your product is ready for launch and that you are doing the activities needed to get your name out there. Read Now

Post Launch To Growth Mode: Once launched, the job of a product team is to ensure there product gets into growth mode and stays in that mode as long as possible. The product lifecycle management or PLM workflow sets this stage as the make or break stage for most companies as the longer they can innovate and stay here the larger their business stays open. Read Now

Are you a founder of a product and want to make sure you are covering all of the steps needed to take your idea through the stages to turn it into a business? Be sure to read up on each of the three new product take off guides for each of the three stages to ensure you have what you need to be successful!

Check back for the first checklist for how to take your product concept and exit a beta program with a product that is ready for sale which will be included in our next post!

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