As we are saying good bye to 2018 it is always a good time to stop and reflect on what worked well in 2018 for your product and what you want to work on in 2019 as a product manager. Product management is a field which has been around as long as people have been building products but really over the last five years seen a dramatic focus in defining what product management really means and the best approaches and philosophy to be a product manager.

What does your 2019 Product management resolution include? Here are some recommendations to think about if you don’t have yours planned out quite yet!

  1. Product Roadmap – Plan out your 2019 with a visual product roadmap that you can share with your team and customers. Show where you plan to go with your product so that everyone can buy in and know what to expect from your product.
  2. Customer Feedback – If you have not already started to use customer feedback widgets to provide a constant flow of feedback about your products directly hearing from the customer source, you should make this a priority. Product managers build great products when they constantly listen to customer pain points and design features to solve them.
  3. Focus on what you have – Often product managers focus on delivering features instead of ensuring what they have works the best way possible and have full adoption of those features. Product managers need to take a step back and look at data for their product before they add more product features and decide have I maximized what I already offer before deciding to add more.

There are just some ideas to get the ball rolling for you on your 2019 product management new year’s resolution list. As a product manager, you should always be challenging yourself to look at your product differently to ensure you are covering the most impactful changes you need for your product.

Take some time this holiday season to take a step back from your product and try to come at it in 2019 with a fresh set of eyes to build a better product.