With so many moving parts, product managers need a suite of tools to organize their product features, communicate across teams the vision and ensure that everyone on the product team has the right product management tools needed to build a product. As a startup, cost is a driving factor as typically you need to build your minimum viable product before you can get funded and product management tools can get expensive to build a product the right way. No worries!

Here is a list of 4 product management tools you can use to manage your product startup to ensure everyone on your team including the product manager has what they need (at an affordable cost) to build a better product and have a successful launch.

4 Product Management Tools For your Startup to Use

1. Draw.io
Website: https://www.draw.io/
Many products that you build require a workflow or flow chart to see the progressions. This could be the overall layout of the navigation from page to page to design how you would like an end user to get from step A to step B or from a technical point of view, how the development team is going to build out their network. Diagrams help communicate the overall plan before you get too far into the weeds where it is harder to make changes. Draw.io provides a free diagram solution as a product management tool so that product teams can quickly work up a flow, get on the same page before digging to far deep into the weeds.

2. Trello
Website: https://trello.com/
As their tagline says, you can quickly organize anything within Trello to quickly come up with a list or plan that you would like to share across your team or for your own punch list of activities. Early on with a startup as you are trying to launch not only a product but a new business, there are many activities needed within the product and outside of the product to ensure success. Trello is a free and easy way to quickly create a list and communicate that out and track your deliverables. As a product management tool, it helps you lay out the cards or tickets you want to accomplish and best of all, it is free.

3. Balsamiq
Website: https://balsamiq.com/
When it comes to doing it right the first time, a picture is worth a thousands words especially on the user interface of your product. While Draw.io can allow you to quickly design a flow, Balsamiq allows you to quickly sketch up what your user interface should look like and make sure you are all on the same page for how you want the product to look and feel. As a product manager, you can loose a lot of time with your product going back and forth on the front end. Using a product management tool like Balsamiq allows you to quickly sketch the interface and make sure all of the development and business teams buy in to the overall design before your first line of code is even written.

4. Product HQ
Website: https://producthq.io
The number one responsibility of a product manager is create the product roadmap for the product which shares the short and long term vision of where the product is heading and the larger features needed in order to get there. Product HQ allows product managers to quickly work track product ideas, features and design out their product roadmap so that they can ensure they stay on schedule with their product launch. Additionally, Product HQ gives you feedback widgets to get user feedback on your product as you work on it and share the product roadmap across your team and user base so they can see where you are heading. As product management tools go, Product HQ gives you all of the features within one platform to manage your roadmap.

Product management especially for a startup can be challenging due to the number of tasks that need to be accomplished and the constantly changing world of a startup. You need to be able to move quickly, communicate constantly and be prepared for anything. By using the best product management tools out there, you can keep up with that environment while still staying within your budget.

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