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The best affordable alternative to Beamer

Looking for a Beamer alternative? Beamer is great for communication but gets very expensive very quickly. ProductHQ offers a solution that is budget-friendly while still providing excellent communication capabilities.

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ProductHQ is more affordable

ProductHQ is much more affordable than Beamer, making it an attractive option for businesses on a tight budget.


Better user engagement

More user engagement means more feedback, better products, lower churn, and more loyal customers.


Announce features proudly

Post news and updates in the What's New section to let the world know about the amazing work you've done.

Why look for a Beamer alternative?

Beamer gets really expensive really quickly. The changelog and notification start at $59/month and increases to $499/month. The feedback feature starts at $0 but then jumps to $119/month.

With ProductHQ, you can get all of this starting at just $12/month.


Why do product teams prefer ProductHQ over Beamer?

  • Beamer charges based on monthly visitors

    Beamer charges are based on monthly visitors. This can quickly add up if you have a lot of visitors.

  • Beamer says no whitelabel for you!!!

    You can’t remove the ‘Powered by Beamer’ branding from your feedback portal. Your site. Your choice, right? ProductHQ gives you that option.

  • Plans start at $59/mo and $119 per month

    The biggest downside to Beamer is that it has split the feedback, roadmap, and changelog features to be able to charge customers more. This makes things clunky and expensive.

  • Steep learning curve

    Beamer’s been around for a while, has lots of features and, therefore, an outdated design with a steep learning curve. ProductHQ’s simple, elegant, and beautiful easier to use and a more enjoyable experience.

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  • Complete customization of the feedback portal

    ProductHQ lets you customise the primary button, sign-up, and sign-in colour, borders, link colour, backgrounds, text colour, icon colour, tags and more.

  • Affordable pricing model

    ProductHQ starts at $12/mo, making it accessible to everyone. Jump in now as prices will go up as we continue to deliver more value to happy customers.

  • Easy to whitelabel ProductHQ branding

    You can leave it on. We’d appreciate it as it drives traffic and helps us grow. But, it’s your site, and you should have the right to choose.

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Capture and prioritise feedback, and announce updates at a fraction of the cost.

Hassle-free feedback collection

Let customers provide feedback with ease. Uncover and prioritise their biggest pain-points and best ideas using upvotes.


Manage your
data efficiently

Build a data-driven roadmap that keeps your team on track and your customers excited and informed abut upcoming features releases.

Keep your team
in the loop

Want to share your features and updates with the world? Announce them proudly with the What’s New.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ProductHQ the better Beamer alternative?

ProductHQ is a much more cost-effective choice to Beamer, with extensive customization options and a comprehensive feature set. Additionally, it provides unlimited user access, enabling seamless team collaboration without incurring additional fees typical of Beamer.

Does ProductHQ offer more customization options than Beamer?

Absolutely! ProductHQ not only provides an array of customization options but also empowers you with exclusive features such as custom branding, surpassing what Beamer has to offer.

Can I remove the 'Powered by Beamer' branding?

Unfortunately, Beamer does not allow users the option to eliminate the ‘Powered by Beamer’ branding, even with their premium plan. This limitation proves highly frustrating for most businesses.

What is ProductHQ?

Switching to ProductHQ from Beamer is a clear choice. Not only does it boast equivalent functionality, but it also elevates your experience with a superior feature set—all at a more budget-friendly price point compared to its counterpart.

Does ProductHQ offer update announcement capabilities?

Yes, ProductHQ includes features for announcing product updates, with the same level of interactivity as Beamer. We’re adding new features all the time.

What features does ProductHQ offer?

With ProductHQ, crafting impactful announcements, product updates, and release notes becomes effortless. Plus, schedule your communications ahead of time for automatic delivery on specified dates, saving you time and ensuring timely engagement with your audience.

Does Beamer offer feedback management capabilities?

While Beamer offers features for gathering and monitoring customer feedback, it falls short compared to a specialized feedback management tool such as ProductHQ.

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