Building a product is hard work and product teams need a product management tool to keep it simple. There are a lot of moving parts from product planning, feedback management, release and product roadmap management that product managers need a product management tool to keep their product organized and moving forward. Product HQ was built to make it a little easier as a product manager to organize your product vision, new incoming ideas and feedback from your users and team members into a single portal to manage your product roadmap. From there you can clearly communicate where the product is heading and where it has already gone with the public roadmap and release notes.

The Product HQ Workflow
Product Management From Feedback To Release

1. Make It Easy To Capture Customer Feedback

When a user or team member has an idea for your product, you want to make it easy to communicate that idea to you. To make the product management role easier, you want all of those ideas in one location. Product HQ provides you widgets to embed in your platform to make it easy for your users to submit feedback as they identify it. Team members such as marketing, support and sales roles have their own portal within Product HQ so they can track their ideas for the product within their department.

2. Promote Feedback Into Features

Within Product HQ, Product Managers can easily review the ideas that have been submitted and decide to promote the best into Features that can be considered for the product roadmap. Alternatively, you may decide that the idea is out of scope of your product and can choose to not move forward with an idea and notify the requester. Ideas are available using your Public URL if you choose to let your users and stakeholders vote on which ideas they feel would be the best to move forward with to help you prioritize using our public roadmap product management tool.

3. Review & Define Features

You can organize your features by area or module that you define for your product and decide which Features would add the most value to your product. Inside each Feature you can define your requirements to add additional details to help the development team work and size the change. If the feature is something you want to do at some point, but not any time soon, you can place the feature on your parking lot to revisit in the future.

4. Promote Features To Your Product Roadmap

Add a new release to your product roadmap and assign the Features you feel will make the largest impact for your product and business. You can define the Start and End dates for the release and decide if you want the release as well as which specific features you want included in your public URL for your roadmap and release notes. Your roadmap can then be shared with your team and users so they know what is coming and when.

5. Manage Your Product Roadmap

Product HQ removes the manual from the Product Manager Workflow

All product managers need feedback to build great products. Feedback comes from a variety of sources and without having the data in one product management tool, it is hard to gauge the value or popularity of a given idea and prioritize features for an upcoming release to place on the product roadmap. Start managing your product roadmap with Product HQ to have the data at your fingertips to quickly promote the most valuable changes to your roadmap and have control of all of your moving parts in one place.

6. Share and Communicate Your Product Roadmap

Let your users and team members see your product roadmap includes their ideas

One of the most important steps of product management is closing the feedback loop with your users and team members to show them you are listening to their ideas. This will promote future ideas and provide them a sense of ownership in what you are building that will make them want to stay where they are. Each account with Product HQ comes with a public URL for you to share with your users and team members so they can see your releases and features planned and a release notes section to see what you have implemented. You can check out our public roadmap as an example by clicking here.

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