Meet ProductHQ

Helping product managers build a better product.

Every great product started by solving a problem.

The beginning of our story is no different.


“As a product manager, I was frustrated by the lack of holistic tools to manage the entire product development process. Most solutions just offered one or two pieces of the puzzle. So I decided to do something about it.”
– CEO of ProductHQ

ProductHQ was created to solve a real challenge. ProductHQ’s CEO needed a tool to help visualize the entire product development process and collaborate with one another effectively. But nothing on the market ticked all the boxes. Rather than sit back and wait, he decided to solve the problem himself.

After years of work, ProductHQ was born. Our team, based in Charlotte, NC, are engineers, entrepreneurs, and product managers who have hands-on experience in the world of conceptualizing, building, and taking products to market. Our platform now helps over 100 product teams build better products.

ProductHQ’s Philosophy

No wishy-washy platitudes. As a product management platform, our team is practical and goal-oriented, and our values reflect that. Solving real problems is what drives each and every one of us.

Pragmatic Empathy

The key to any successful product is empathy. As product managers, we’re trained to listen and empathize with you and your unique product management challenges.

Ruthless Honesty

The truth helps elevate our work beyond the limitations of individual bias or ego. Our team is encouraged to share their true opinions to drive successful outcomes.

Finish On Empty

When it comes to developing ProductHQ and helping your team, our passion for product development drives us beyond ‘good enough’ until we’ve exhausted every answer.

Interested in joining the team?

If you love Product Management, our team will feel just like home. We’re located in Charlotte, NC. However, we’re open to remote workers located anywhere. To inquire about joining, send an email to