Product HQ was created to make it easier to build great products. Our team has been involved with launching tech startups, building internal products for fortune 500 companies and everything in between. We know there are tools to help everyone but no great tool to help product managers,
until now.

What We Believe In

Endless Feedback Loops

Customers drive great products. If you listen to users early and often and incorporate their feedback into your product management process, you will end up with a better product and happier customers.

Data Driven Decisions

There is no reason to guess. Data should help drive decisions by applying simple and consistent measurements to product ideas and features to ensure the most important enhancements get to the top.

Constant Communication

A product team working with end users, business teams and other stakeholders need to constantly communicate to ensure everyone is aware of the various moving parts of a product.

Never Fail To Plan

Building a product roadmap plans out the future of more than your product, it maps out the future of your business. “No one plans to fail, they fail to plan.” With a product team, this is never more true.


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Andrew, Product Manager

Great UX For Product Managers

The ability to build a Product roadmap in a way that is flexible. The workflow allows the team to be highly collaborative in building and managing the product roadmap.

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Darrell, Product Manager

Great value for product management

Great value for product management & feedback collaboration. Easy to use.

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