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Are you looking for a way to handle customer feedback without spending much? While offers great services, it might be too pricey for smaller companies. Luckily, there are affordable options out there that are just as good.

This article will show you 8 alternatives that are easy on your wallet. These choices will let you make the most of feedback without losing out on key features.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore affordable alternatives feedback management tools.
  • Discover options with comprehensive features like ideas boards and roadmaps.
  • Learn about the pricing plans of these alternatives.
  • Identify tools that cater specifically to startups and SaaS businesses.
  • Understand which feedback management tool best fits your startup’s needs and budget.

Introduction to Feedback Management Tools

Feedback management tools are key for businesses to stand out. They help collect valuable insights from users, allowing companies to keep innovating and improving. A good feedback system means products always meet user needs and follow market trends.

Importance of Feedback Management

Understanding feedback management‘s value is critical. Tools like Usabilla make gathering feedback from many places efficient. This enables me to use user insights for product improvements quickly. It leads to stronger customer relationships and higher satisfaction levels.

Key Benefits of Using Feedback Tools

Feedback tools bring many advantages. They let us gather crucial insights on user needs, aiding smart decisions. Keeping an active feedback loop means I can update products to match what customers want faster.

These tools boost customer happiness by keeping products up-to-date and easy to use. By using platforms like Usabilla, an ongoing conversation with users is maintained, building more loyalty and support for our products.

Blog bannerCriteria for Selecting the Best Alternatives

Finding the right feedback tool for your startup requires careful thought. You need to weigh several critical factors, including features, prices, and what other customers say, to make a smart choice.

Functionality and Features

Functionality is key. Look for feedback widgets, user options to vote on ideas, and ways to show your roadmap. These features should help manage feedback well and be adjustable to your needs. Easy integration with your systems is essential for smooth operations and better roadmap handling.

Pricing Plans

You are staying on budget matters, especially for startups. You want feedback tools that are affordable and offer clear pricing. Watch out for extra charges that could surprise you later. Ensure the cost fits with how you do business to prevent budget issues.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

What others think about the tool can guide you. Reviews and ratings show users’ satisfaction and highlight what needs work. Go for tools that consistently get good marks for their features and support. Top and Affordable Alternative alternativeIf you’re looking for an exceptional and budget-friendly alternative, look no further than This innovative platform offers various advanced features designed to streamline the product feedback process and enhance your product development journey.

What Makes ProductHQ Stand Out? is the go-to solution for product teams and SaaS founders looking to turn customer feedback into unique products. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration, ProductHQ simplifies capturing and prioritizing feedback, ensuring that your product decisions are data-driven and aligned with customer needs.

Advanced Product Feedback Features

ProductHQ offers an array of features that set it apart from the competition. The platform’s upvote feature empowers users to create ideas and vote on the most important ones, providing valuable insights into customer preferences. Additionally, the roadmap feature allows admins to prioritize work based on user needs and share progress updates, keeping customers informed about upcoming releases. The “What’s New” feature enables admins to communicate new products, features, bug fixes, and announcements, fostering transparency and engagement.

Pricing Plans and Options offers pricing plans starting at just $12 per month, making it an affordable and cost-efficient alternative. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a hassle-free 14-day free trial, ProductHQ ensures that SaaS founders and product teams can explore its full potential without any financial risk. is ideal for those seeking a minimalist, user-centric, and feature-rich alternative. Its commitment to providing the best UX/UI, responsive support, and seamless integration makes it a standout solution for product managers and teams.

UserSnap as a Feedback Tool Alternative

frill alternativeUserSnap stands out when you need real insights. It’s made for startups and makes it easy to collect user feedback. It does this with a simple design and lots of features. As a alternative, UserSnap offers unique capabilities for gathering user feedback.

Overview and Key Features

UserSnap offers detailed feedback tools. You can grab screenshots, get feedback within apps, add custom data, and use survey tools that work with support chats. You can put its feedback widget on websites and web apps. This makes it easy for users to share their thoughts quickly, helping you connect better with them.

Benefits for Startups

Startups find UserSnap easy to use and great for getting quick feedback. It’s simple to set up and helps gather valuable user opinions, allowing startups to choose based on what users want. Plus, UserSnap is affordable, fitting well into the budgets of growing companies. For startups looking for a alternative, UserSnap offers a more startup-friendly approach.

Pricing Plans and Options

UserSnap’s pricing is flexible and designed to meet many needs. Their basic plans are $19 a month and include up to two team members per project. This makes it possible for even startups with tight budgets to use powerful feedback tools. When comparing UserSnap to as an alternative, its pricing structure may be more attractive for budget-conscious startups.

HotJar for Customer Insights

hotjar in-app feedback tools in 2024HotJar is a key tool for anyone wanting to better understand their customers. As a alternative, HotJar offers unique insights into user behaviour. It gathers important data using heatmaps and session recordings. This data is then used to make better decisions and develop new features. Businesses can improve greatly by understanding how people use a site and getting direct feedback.

Key Features and Benefits

HotJar has many important features for studying user activity. With heatmaps, I can see where visitors click, move, and scroll, which gives me crucial insights. Watching real user sessions through recordings shows exactly how people interact with my website, which helps identify problems. Plus, I can ask for feedback directly using HotJar’s surveys and polls.

How to Get Started

Starting with HotJar is easy. First, you have to sign up on its website. After signing up, I install a tracking code on my site to collect data. The setup is straightforward, making it quick to get everything running. Then, I can start making heatmaps, record sessions, and send out surveys for valuable feedback. For those considering a alternative, HotJar’s ease of setup is a notable advantage.

Pricing Details

HotJar has varied pricing plans for different needs. Its free plan is perfect for small businesses, offering unlimited monthly heatmaps and 300-session recordings. The business plan is suited for bigger sites, with more data collection and advanced tools. HotJar’s pricing plans can keep up no matter how big my business gets.

Qualaroo: Capturing Quality Data

alternatives to frillQualaroo leads the provision of premium customer feedback solutions. For those exploring for alternatives, Qualaroo presents a robust option for gathering user insights. It uses sophisticated tools to collect high-quality data, and strategic surveys at vital moments capture important insights from users.

Unique Features

The Nudges from Qualaroo stand out for their precision and customization. These Nudges show up just when needed, encouraging more user responses. This adaptability lets any business improve through insightful, data-driven decisions.

Pricing Overview

Qualaroo’s essentials package is great for those who value in-depth feedback. Starting at $100 a month, it offers flexibility for tracking more domains according to page views, making it an affordable option for getting detailed customer insights. Companies considering alternatives may find Qualaroo’s pricing model aligns well with their budget and feedback needs.

Why HelloNext Might Be the Right Alternative

frill alternativeHelloNext provides a versatile solution for customer-centric organizations looking to optimize their feedback management process.

Comprehensive Features

HelloNext excels with its intuitive feedback boards. They make it easy to capture user comments across websites and apps. Additionally, the platform enables the creation of visual public roadmaps. As a compelling alternative, HelloNext offers unique features that set it apart.

This transparently showcases your development journey. Timely feature updates simplify keeping users in the loop, fostering enhanced user engagement and satisfaction. For those seeking a Frill alternative, HelloNext’s emphasis on user engagement through feature updates is noteworthy.

Pricing and Plans

HelloNext’s pricing structure is friendly toward growing businesses. It starts at $12 per month for small teams, making it accessible for startups. When comparing HelloNext to as an alternative, its competitive pricing may be particularly attractive to small businesses and startups.

Depending on your user base and desired features, various scalable options are available. This ensures that you can maintain efficiency as your business expands.

ProductBoard: End-to-End Management

best alternativeProductBoard simplifies product management from start to finish. As a comprehensive alternative, ProductBoard handles everything from collecting customer opinions to deciding what features to work on next. Advanced systems let businesses easily understand what users say, ensuring that decisions about the product are based on real feedback.

How ProductBoard Stands Out

ProductBoard is unique because it works well with many other tools. This helps automate the workflow. Getting customer opinions directly into product management helps in choosing the right features. ProductBoard’s integration capabilities offer a distinct advantage for those seeking a Frill alternative. This makes handling product life cycles much smoother and more complete.

Price Plans for Small Businesses

Small businesses will like ProductBoard’s pricing. Plans start at only $20 a month for each product maker. It’s an affordable way to keep customer feedback in one place, which helps small teams manage their products better and follow a smart plan.

Mouseflow: Real-time Customer Behavior Analytics

best alternativesMouseflow is great at showing you what customers do in real time. For businesses looking for alternatives, Mouseflow offers records of how users act on your site, offering deep insights. With heatmaps, you can see how people move around your site. This helps you find and fix any problems that might annoy your customers.

Advanced Features

Mouseflow doesn’t just track; it does much more. You can watch recordings of user sessions to see every click and scroll. This gives you a deep understanding of what users like or struggle with. Heatmaps also show where users click and spend time, helping you improve your site.

Pricing Plans Overview

Mouseflow offers different plans for every business size. Their free plan is perfect for small projects, with up to 500 monthly recordings. If you need more, paid plans begin at $24 a month. For those considering alternatives to, Mouseflow’s pricing model is worth exploring. These plans let you record more and access extra features, making it easier to keep improving your customer’s experience.

Pendo: Organize and Guide Customer Feedback

alternative of cannyAs a robust alternative, Pendo is a platform for organizing customer feedback. It uses in-app surveys to collect accurate customer data, which helps understand how users behave and what they need.

Using this, you can make detailed plans for your product. You also make sure every piece of feedback is used well, which helps improve your product in future updates.

The way Pendo tracks users’ actions is very important. It provides insights that help make better decisions, making your product plans even better for your users’ needs.

For those seeking a Frill alternative, Pendo also works with other platforms to make feedback easier to manage. This not only improves customer data collection but also makes using the product more enjoyable.

There’s a free Pendo version for smaller businesses. It supports up to 1,000 users a month. Compared to, Pendo’s free tier offers an attractive entry point, making it a great tool for managing feedback and improving your product. Alternative: Savio for Feature Requests

canny alternative, frill alternativeAs a notable alternative, Savio stands out as a great tool. It’s known for handling requests from many places. Its talent in gathering feedback makes it perfect for teams. They can easily track suggestions and merge inputs from various customer feedback tools.

Savio’s Unique Capabilities

Savio is great at pulling in feedback from many sources, such as tools like Intercom, Help Scout, and Slack. It skips traditional idea boards and instead focuses on a central spot for all user feedback. This makes it easier to manage and understand what users want.

Pricing Insights

There’s no free version of Savio, but it’s affordable for small teams. Starting at $25 a month, it’s pretty accessible. When comparing Savio as alternative, its pricing structure may be more suitable for certain businesses. For bigger teams needing more, there’s a growth plan. This plan allows for unlimited users, which is perfect for growing companies. Alternative: UseResponse vs. Frill

alternative frillPicking the right platform to manage customer feedback is vital. It helps you understand what your customers think and drives your product’s evolution. UseResponse and Frill stand out in this field, each with its particular strengths. For those considering a alternative, UseResponse presents itself as a noteworthy option.

Comparing Features

UseResponse shines with its thorough feedback tools. It lets people vote anonymously, updates product roadmaps, and boosts team communication. It’s made for detailed control and input sorting, ensuring all feedback gets the attention it deserves.

As a potential alternative, UseResponse offers more comprehensive features for larger organizations. Conversely, Frill focuses on a simpler way to gather opinions and map out products. This makes it perfect for startups and smaller groups prioritising ease over complexity.

Understanding the Pricing

Regarding costs, UseResponse starts at $124 a month for two users. If you want all features, the price jumps to $166 for the same number of users, aiming at a more upscale market. Frill, though, is easier on the wallet. Its pricing is more friendly for tight budgets, offering essential features without being too expensive. This makes it a smart pick for startups looking for value.

Evaluating Other Feedback Management Tools

There are many feedback management systems out there. They meet different business needs and goals. When looking for a alternative, it’s important to consider various options. These platforms help gather, analyze, and act on user feedback. Some systems offer a customizable feedback platform that matches unique business demands and is easy to use.

Adding a feedback widget to your site or app boosts user interaction. It lets customers easily share their thoughts. Dashboards show customer insights right away, helping make quick decisions. It’s important to understand what each tool offers to use them well.

Feedback systems vary, offering specific solutions for special needs. They might focus on complex issue reports or gathering suggestions. As potential alternatives, some tools may provide more specialized features. Considering how a system fits with your current setup is key to picking the right feedback platform. It should support your user experience goals and business strategies.

The aim is always to collect useful customer feedback. Using detailed feedback widgets on a central dashboard is crucial. Exploring all different feedback tools is vital. This way, businesses can choose the best option. When evaluating alternatives, consider how each tool aligns with your specific needs. Ultimately, this leads to happier customers and better results for the business.


Choosing the right customer feedback system is vital for startups today. It helps improve user connections and drives product growth. Many SaaS options are affordable and feature-packed. stands out for its all-in-one features. However, several alternatives offer compelling options for startups. Choices like, UserSnap, and HotJar are also great. They offer unique tools that cater to various needs, helping in detailed analysis and customer happiness. These alternatives each bring their own strengths to the table.

Startups must weigh each option against their needs and funds. A good feedback system can boost your business and product ideas. You can use feedback to grow and innovate on your journey with the right choice.


What are the key features of has ideas boards, roadmap visualizations, and feature requests. It also has idea voting. These tools make capturing and prioritizing user feedback simple.

Why should startups look for alternatives?

Startups might find Frill’s prices and features a bit much. They often look for cheaper options with similar features to handle user feedback.

What is, and how does it compare to is a tool for managing feedback. It has internal comments, user profiles, and roadmap visualization. It’s cheaper than Frill, starting at a month, and great for startups.

How does UserSnap benefit startups as a feedback tool?

UserSnap has features like screenshot capture and feedback surveys. Its plans begin at per month. It integrates feedback directly with support chats, which is handy for startups.

What unique features does HotJar offer for customer insights?

HotJar has heat maps, session recordings, and surveys. These tools offer deep insights into customer behaviour. There’s a free tier for small firms and more detailed plans for others.

How does Qualaroo differentiate itself in feedback management?

Qualaroo has special survey tools and Nudges to engage customers. It helps collect quality data to make better product choices. The basic package is 0 per month.

Why might HelloNext be right for customer-centric organizations?

HelloNext has feedback boards and visual roadmaps. It also helps publish feature updates. With prices starting at a month, it’s suitable for growing companies.

What makes ProductBoard a comprehensive management tool?

ProductBoard handles customer feedback and features prioritization. Its roadmaps help with product planning. Prices start at a month per maker, making it affordable.

What are Mouseflow’s advanced features for real-time analytics?

Mouseflow focuses on recording user sessions and creating heatmaps. Its free plan includes 500 recordings a month, and paid plans start at a month.

What does Pendo offer in organizing and guiding customer feedback?

Pendo has in-app surveys and product roadmaps. It also tracks user behavior. A free version supports 1,000 monthly users, with more options available on request.

How does Savio track feature requests from various channels?

Savio brings together feedback from Intercom, Help Scout, and Slack. It offers a central spot for logging user issues. Prices start at a month for small teams.

What are the pricing and features of UseResponse compared to

UseResponse offers feedback management and anonymous voting. Its feedback solutions start at 4 per month for two agents and are aimed at companies with a more flexible budget.

What should be considered when selecting an AnnounceKit alternative?

Look for options that balance cost and effectiveness. offers more for less, making it appealing to smaller businesses than AnnounceKit.

What other feedback management tools should be evaluated?

Consider tools with custom platforms and specific issue reporting. Choose based on the user interface, specialized solutions, and how well they integrate to improve user feedback.
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