The world’s most holistic product management tool

ProductHQ helps you coordinate everything involved in your product’s planning so you can focus on dreaming, designing, and building a better product and business.

Coordinating the entire product development process is a challenge.

ProductHQ empowers you to make it effortless.

ProductHQ gives you the tools you need to organize everything involved in your product’s development. Collect feedback, prioritize the right features, make data-driven decisions, and map out your entire roadmap.

All in one, collaborative dashboard.

Finally, you can focus on making that winning product idea reality.


Understand your user’s needs

All great products begin with an intimate understanding of your target demographic and their pain points. ProductHQ gives you the tools to map out their needs relating to your product – and which features will most effectively meet them.


Close the feedback loop

Stop guessing what your target demographic wants from your product. Collect product feedback from users, team members, and stakeholders and quantify feedback relevancy with the ICE prioritization test. Close the feedback loop by actively involving your users in product development.


Focus on the right features

Leave the chaos of feature prioritization behind and start focusing on what’s most important to your users. Use ProductHQ’s dashboard to map out all of your product’s existing and potential features, quantify their popularity or relevancy, and decide which best meet your strategic objectives.


Get everyone on the same page

Your product vision is the guiding light of the business. Make that vision easier to reach by assigning features to specific releases, organizing key milestones and deliverables, and collaborating with team members on one, visual roadmap.

100% Safe & Secure

Hosted on secure, certified Microsoft Azure servers, your data is SSL encrypted and never shared with third parties.

24/7 Team Access

Stored in the cloud, our servers are running day and night, meaning you can access your product development suite whenever you need it.

In-depth Tutorials

We’ve created extensive materials to help your team get started with ProductHQ. Check out our blog to find out more!

‘Great UX For Product Managers’

The ability to build a Product roadmap in a way that is flexible. The workflow allows the team to be highly collaborative in building and managing the product roadmap.

Andrew, Product Manager

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