Product Management Software

Product HQ provides product management software to guide product managers on effective product planning. Great products come from listening to customer feedback, applying data points to drive decision making and maintaining a long term vision of your product roadmap. Product HQ gives you a product management tool that combines feedback management, data driven decision making and product planning into a single product management solution.

Feedback Management

Stop guessing about what your users want for your features instead listen to customer pain points and provide them with solutions as part of your product roadmap. Hear what your support, sales and marketing teams are saying they need to help you grow the business and deliver game changing features to drive business growth. As a product manager, get product feedback from all stakeholders in a centralized product management software platform so you can see the pain points customers experience within your product and the industry they support. Drive your product roadmap based on actual feedback from customers and promote the best ideas into features for your product.

Feature Management

Product Managers can get feedback from a variety of sources and need product management software to track feedback and solutions. Product HQ gives you a single location to see all open features for your product. As part of feature management you can prioritize which features should be planned out in an upcoming release on your product roadmap based on the popularity of a feature, weight assigned from your customer scoring system or competitive analysis. You can define additional requirements about the feature and as new ideas come in related to this feature, you can merge the idea in to track how many users are requesting the change.

Product Roadmap Software

Product managers need their product vision at all times. Product roadmaps allow product managers to easily communicate this vision with their team and users. To get features on a product roadmap, Product HQ’s product management software gives product managers an easy way to create feedback loops with users, weigh features to get a score and assign features to releases that are planned on the product roadmap. Once you have promoted features into an upcoming release you can view your product roadmap in an easy to read Gantt Chart. Product HQ makes release management simple so you can quickly edit a release to add or remove scope, change the milestone dates and assign out the features to your team to track the deliverables of a release.

Public Roadmap

Most product teams move fast and the challenge is to keep your customers, team members and other stakeholders current on what you released and what is on your product roadmap. Additionally, as you get customer feedback, it is critical to close the feedback loop to build the trust of your customers. Each account within Product HQ comes with a product roadmap public site URL with a custom subdomain for your product. Using your public roadmap site, your customers can see your product roadmap, look at the release notes for past releases, check on the status of their feedback and submit new feedback for your product. Our product management software removes the need of duplicating information for different purposes but maintain it all in one location for all purposes.

Data Driven Decisions

As a product manager, you need a way to quickly assess what is an important change for your product to ensure you are allocating your development resources to help the business grow the most. Product HQ gives you product management tools to identify product objectives, define feature scores, apply ICE Scores, allow customers to vote on features and merge similar feedback together to apply additional weight to the score. Quickly filter your active features to see which features have the highest score to promote the changes into your next planned release to stop guessing on what your customers want but instead use a product management software solution that gives you the tools you need to listen to the voice of the customer.

Product Planning

Product managers need to complete research during their product planning to ensure they understand what the product vision is, the competition in their space, complete user interviews to understand pain points and apply data points to see what features will add the most value to a product. Product HQ offers product management tools to complete product planning and research that seamlessly flows into your features and product roadmap planning. Within Product HQ, Product managers can remove guess wok and ego’s on how a product is created but instead complete product planning to build with confidence a product that solves real customer pain points.


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