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Great products come about by listening to customer feedback about their challenges in a given space and providing a solution to make their life easier. Product HQ gives you the tools to be a better listener and hear what your users, your team members and all stakeholders are saying about the space you are in and your specific product you are working on so that you can prioritize which ideas make it into features for your product.

Idea Collection

Stop guessing about what your users want for your features. Hear what your support, sales and marketing teams are saying they need to help you grow the business. As a product manager, get all product ideas from all stakeholders in a centralized platform so you can see what are popular ideas based on actual feedback from stakeholders and promote the best ideas into features for your product.

Feature Tracking

Product HQ gives you a single location to see all open features for your product. From here you can prioritize which features should be planned out in an upcoming release on your product roadmap. You can define additional requirements about the feature and as new ideas come in related to this feature, you can merge the idea in to track how many users are requesting the change.

Product Roadmap

Once you have promoted a feature and prioritized the change into an upcoming release you can view your product roadmap in an easy to use view to see what releases are coming up and when. Quickly edit a release to add or remove scope, change the milestone dates and assign out the features to your team to track the deliverables of a release.

Public Roadmap

Most product teams move fast and the challenge is to keep your customers, team members and other stakeholders current on what you released and what is on your product roadmap. Each account within Product HQ comes with a Public URL with a custom subdomain for your product so you can now keep everyone up to date real time. As you make install a release or update your product roadmap, everyone can see the changes real time.

Feature Prioritization

As a product manager, you need a way to quickly assess what is an important change for your product to ensure you are allocating your development resources to complete the feature that will help the business grow the most. Product HQ gives you tools to identify your objectives and define a score for features and ideas that help you accomplish your objectives. Quickly filter your active features to see which features have the highest score to promote the changes into your next planned release.

Team Communication

Add all of your team members to your account so they can add their ideas for their departments and organize within each department their recommendations for your product. Give team members access to review and promote ideas and features. Track communications within Product HQ for an idea or feature to track the history of the request. Follow an idea from origination, to discussion internally, to the promotion to a feature, all the way to your product roadmap from within Product HQ.


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