Want to build amazing SaaS
products your customers truly love?

ProductHQ helps you get feedback quickly, analyse it easily, organise it simply, and announce it proudly!

Benefits Of Using ProdutHQ

Maximize ROI

Make better data-driven decisions on where to invest your product budget to maximise ROI

See Further & Deeper

Data organised logically, simply, and beautifully to make your life easier and less stressful

Market Leader

Move faster and outperform your competition to gain and accelerate market share

Ready to build better products?

Upvotes, Roadmap, Changelogs, and more...

Capturing feedback quickly

Here are some of the benefits Upvotes allow your to achieve:

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Analyse it easily

Collect the best ideas. Prioritise them. Plan when to build them. Keep your customers updated. Chillax.

Announce it proudly

Keep customers coming back and engaging with your product by sharing videos, links, and images about your latest announcements, features, and more. 

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Insights Like Never Before

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What Sets ProductHQ Apart

Upvotes, Roadmaps, and Announcements are great but if you want to to beat the competition with better data-driven decision, you need... more data.


ProductHQ is a tool built by product people for product people. It was born out of frustration of not having one tool to manage all of our customer feedback and insights. It’s designed to capture internal, external, qualitative and quantitative information and display it at the customer, cohort, and product/feature level so you have unprecedented and unparalleled access to data to make the best decisions about where to focus, what to build next, for who, and why.

Most of the competition have Upvotes, Roadmaps, and Announcements which are great. But, they lack the capability to deliver cohort analysis, user behaviour, idea testing, and feature prioritisation… all of which are critical when building awesome products. 

ProductHQ is built for SaaS or internet connected businesses. It works best if users log on to your website so you track their behaviour across your site and correlate that with cohort analysis, upvotes, interviews, experiments, prioritisations, etc.

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