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The best way to turn feedback into amazing products.

ProductHQ is the easiest way to gather feedback and build data-driven features.

  • Capture feedback quickly
  • Prioritise features easily
  • Announce updates proudly
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SaaS founders and product teams use ProductHQ to discover customer needs and design products that delight them.

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Successful products are not built on guesswork.

ProductHQ helps you collect feedback, align with your entire team, and ship products out confidently.


Validate your product-market fit so you can co-build great products with your early adopters and power users.

Scaling Companies

Build a product roadmap that supports company strategy and keeps everyone updated on what’s coming next.


Enjoy a cost-efficient platform to ship out new features on time. This keeps your user base engaged and reduces churn.


Start making better product decisions in 3 simple steps.

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Build valuable products

Release features and updates
that drive revenue, growth,
and customer retention.


Built to keep your
customers and team happy.

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Hassle-free feedback collection

Let customers provide feedback with ease. Uncover and prioritise their biggest pain-points and best ideas using upvotes.

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Manage your data efficiently

Build a data-driven roadmap that keeps your team on track and your customers excited and informed about upcoming products and features.

Keep your team in the loop

Want to share your features and updates with the world? Announce them proudly with the What’s New.

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