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Product teams move fast. You need tools to communicate what you are building and ensure you are building the most critical components with each available development hour. Product HQ helps product managers organize requests for product features into an overall product roadmap to provide a clear line of communication across your team and your customers on what the future of the product holds.

One of the most difficult parts of app development is knowing where to go next. As a new startup, with limited resources, this is even more of a challenge. What if you spend time (and money) developing a feature your users don’t need (or want)? ¬†What features will keep your users around longer?

How Do You Pick a Product Roadmap?

Sometimes app developers will focus on projects based upon their own opinion. This might work when you’re early in development. Soon your app will become bigger than you realize. You might even find yourself out-of-touch with your customers. You’re building it for them, after all, not yourself. There needs to be an objective way to decide your product’s roadmap.

Other times app developers will listen to their customers. This is the best way to decide on your next-step. The problem is, how can you tell if a customer’s opinion is speaking only for themselves? You can’t let one, vocal customer drive your product development! You need to know what most customers need.

Product HQ: The Best Way to Choose a Product Roadmap!

Use data to determine your product roadmap with Product HQ. In fact, Product HQ provides a free product roadmap software module for all users. This helps you:

  • View open product requests from your users.
  • Organize all product requests into projects.
  • Define the scope of a project.
  • Let users see the product requests (or hide them, if necessary).
  • Manage long-term roadmap for your product.

The best part? It’s not that this is a free project roadmap system (although it is). The best part of Product HQ is that this integrates with other modules, in one easy dashboard.

Get Started with our Product Roadmap Management Software

Want to see Product HQ’s project roadmap management tool in action? We’re drinking our own kool-aid and use our own tool to determine our roadmap. This way, we not only benefit from our customers, but can show you a live, working example of Product HQ in-action.

Want to use Product HQ’s roadmap management module on your app? Contact us today and we’ll get you setup!

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